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Two More Years – At The Very Least BTW !

So today we can expect an official announcement from the club which will confirm that Arsene Wenger will continue as Arsenal manager for at least a further two years. This news will be met by varying degrees of enthusiasm and disappointment across the fanbase, media and social media. First let me try to make my […]

D-Day At The Arsenal As The Board Decides

Regretfully the euphoria of the Arsenal’s 13th FA cup victory will be short-lived. Life is a bitch you know. Sooner or later reality bites, whether we like it or not, even for those who live in the football bubble trying to avoid the often brutish forces in the real world. Every gooner should now be […]

E For Arsenal

Arse_or_Brain writes; It is fitting with all the talk of players turning up for big games that Steww and Andy have produced some excellent pieces in the last two days, in fact in a difficult season all the writers this year have been fantastic bringing their own particular expertise to look at the issues from […]

Arsenal: Never look backwards

Good morning Positive fans (and friends), Every one of you saw the game. Every one of you was delighted to see us take hold of the initiative from the opening moments of the game and barely relinquish that vice like grip until the 94 minute. There was no trace of nerves. There was no inkling […]

Arsenal Versus Chelsea: End Of The Beginning

Three FA Cup finals in four years and a team so consistently excellent that finishing fifth is seen as a major disappointment. What a gloriously happy accident that my seven year old self should have chosen to support the side in the red shirts and white sleeves all those very many years ago. Was I […]

The Simplicity Of Arsenal’s Simpletons

I am firmly on team “Quiet efficiency”. How many here know who the CEOs and owners of the very many organisations, whose products and services we patronise, are? I have no idea who the owners and CEO of Tesco are and I spend more on the supermarket than I do on Arsenal. A lot more. […]

Arsenal: Stan Kroenke Is Not Your Sugar Daddy

I hold no brief for Stan Kroenke. I’ve never met the man and doubt I ever will. He is a billionaire; I struggle from paycheck to paycheck. He owns sports franchises, I can’t afford a sports car. He owns massive ranches; I can barely keep my mortgage current. He directs several corporations, I barely direct […]

Arsenal: Part The Glories Of This Happy Day

  Good morning Positives, A fine afternoon rounded off our league campaign in style. We opened as though we were going to put five past the visitors by half time, then Laurent went a bit wild and became the first of Enver Valencia’s three victims of the afternoon. My goodness that boy can writhe and […]

Arsenal Versus Everton: Touch and Go

And so here we are. The final curtain call of yet another season is upon us. Elsewhere the thing has been done and dusted for some time now. My neighbourhood team have long since taken in the goal posts. There’s a travelling funfair on the pitch, dodgem cars racing around the goal mouth, the Waltzer […]

Arsenal: Cruising past the Cats

Good morning Positive fans far and near, The penultimate hurdle of the Premier League season safely skipped over last night. A predictable result for us. The two goal margin hardly reflected our control for long periods of the game and the siege of the Black Cats’ goal. Our performance was as easy on the eye […]