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Arsene Knows It’s Not The Price Tag, Stupid!

Today’s guest post is by Muppet If it’s not the price tag, what is it? Bang average.  Taxi.  Turning circle of an oil tanker.  Clown.  Barn Door. Certain blogs pull no punches in their assessment of players.  To be fair, it can go the other way: Legend.  Genius.  Unplayable.  So what distinguishes a clown from […]

Adventures In The Life And Times Of Arsenal

Today’s post is by ZimPaul Well we already knew the football was out of this world … I like a little 22 game mid-season snapshot sometimes. It doesn’t actually get better, not much anyway, adventures in the life and times of Arsenal. Sitting top. Knife edge battles to come against the two arch-enemies of any […]

At Odds With The Odds; Gunners Have Always Been Title Long Shots

Today a guest post from @poonaloon Chances are Arsene’s unfancied eleven could cause a third title-winning upset … I haven’t done this for a while.  I am a bit out of practice, so be gentle.  I used to blog regularly, but stopped five or six years ago.  The lines of debate became so fixed that […]

Arsenal Edging Closer – Time To Enjoy, Time To Be Happy

Time to go home? It’s a bit late to start enjoying yourself now, isn’t it? When can I start enjoying the season? Arsenal are top of the Premier League, in the 5th round of the FA cup, and have two fantastic ties in the Champions League to look forward to. Yet every time I celebrate […]

Why Not ?

Today’s report is by our friend Andrew ( @anicoll5 ) Arsene went with a strong starting line up as, I think, most predicted and at times last night his decision to go with experience and proven quality looked fully vindicated.  He knows you know. Bravo the Sky blues one and all. For anyone who had […]

That FA Cup Night Feeling – Coventry Sent To Arsenal

Today’s post is by arse_or_brain . Putting the ‘Friday’ into FA Cup . “I think he has done a remarkable job and the one thing about him is that he has been true to himself and true to his beliefs and the one thing that has been difficult for him is that I think other […]

Arsenal’s Media Position Explained.

A post from ZimPaul. The role of mass media is not in any way to reflect consensus, especially a consensus that will upset a status quo and vested interests. A nod in the direction of “popular consensus” maybe, where it doesn’t matter, while all the time selecting “news” in the opposite direction to that of […]