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The Bradyesque7 Weekly Round-Up

Hello and welcome to this week’s round-up. First up this week is the player of the season awards. Arsenal have seen fit to drag it out for the week so I will have to go ahead and congratulate our award winner before the announcement. Mikel Arteta secured fourth place in his new role at the […]

Where are my 10m, 20m, 30m players? Spend some F*%^@#g Money?

I’ve lately noticed a notion among some people that none of our players are good enough, even to the point of suggesting that the only reason they won’t leave is because they aren’t good enough for other teams to buy them from us. So I decided to put myself in the shoes of other clubs […]

You’ll miss me when I’m gone.

Today is a Guest post by @Wilsheristic .You should give him a follow on twitter,he tweets as well as he writes. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ As the dust settles over an enthralling win, people have logically begun to talk about transfers. I mention logically, since the Newcastle win seemingly heralded a flurry of activity over the summer.  An […]

A Red Letter Day?

Was this the most important date in the recent history of Arsenal football club, it was two days after the defeat in the Champions League to Bayern Munich a game that saw Arsenal totally out played to an extent not seen before under Wenger’s reign as manager. Yes there had been heavier defeats and games […]

The Award Winning Mel

Mel tells me that I should remember it is the anniversary of the great night at Anfield.He also tells of the the need for his award winning account of that night ,to be published today.And on this date every year.For ever. This wonderful story was written by Mel,for another blog,then picked up by a […]

Cesc Fabregas Is Coming Home

A source close to Positively Arsenal has told us the the Mother of Cesc Fabregas is predicting he will be home for lunch on Sunday. This is an experiment to see how many people are easily fooled by an idiot blogger hungry for hits on their ego massaging sites. Sorry if you have been fooled […]

The Bradyesque7 Weekly Round-Up

Hello and welcome to this week’s round-up. First up this week is the tragic end to a season we were all just getting into. We saw the introduction of a new attacking front in the shape of Santi, Giroud and Podolski and while there were teething problems, the team found its stride and finished the […]