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The Goal Is 86 Points – Arsene Wenger

Something really important was stated by Arsene at last week’s AGM, which from my reading has hardly been picked up by the football commentariat and especially the Arsenal bloggers whom one would assume are supposed to support the club.  He said: “…. the championship will be decided between 82 to 86 points and what we […]

Atkinson 1 – 4 Arsenal – But Let’s Not Mention The Ref

A turnip in black. “The referee’s incompetence has done the home side no favours here having simply provoked The Arsenal into administering a punitive thrashing” Or so I wrote on Twitter at about the 1-3 point of yesterday’s trip to the North East.  It was probably one of my more sensible remarks on a day […]

Arsenal – Black Cats on the Edge of the Abyss

Good morning Positives, All up early and ready for the kick off ? That’s the ticket. A good opportunity for us to sit astride the top of the PL this afternoon following our visit to the Stadium of the Damned Light. Let us examine the opportunities, and the pitfalls, together. The home side are in […]

Arsenal – Healthy as the Ox

  Good morning to you all aboard the Positive Arsenal bus, We stride serenely on to the quarter finals of the League Cup having disposed of Reading last night and tonight’s games take on that much more interest to spot out next opponents. I admit that looking at the team sheet I was a little […]

Arsenal versus Reading: A Royal Flush

I don’t know what Arsène wanted for his birthday, there is in any case little about this most cerebral of football managers to suggest he is particularly motivated by material possessions. I’ll bet he didn’t have a nil nil draw with Middlesbrough particularly high on the list though. Fortunately we weren’t the only club with […]

Arsenal: If Only We Had Santi Cazorla

  Last Saturday’s disappointing nil-all draw with Middlesbrough had many of us fans, including yours truly, rushing en masse to the comforting refuge of captain hindsight; somehow the result would surely have been better if only we had Santi Cazorla. I don’t blame fans for thinking this way given the pernicious effect of “Recency bias” […]

Arsenal: Pointing in the Right Direction

Good morning Positives, An interesting afternoon at the Ems I am sure you will agree, and once my pulse had slowed to a respectable rate courtesy of Mr Dean’s final whistle, supplemented a bout of traditional self medication using the traditional method, a game to look back on as genuinely entertaining.I shall take the point. […]

Arsenal Versus Boro: Discipline and Fizz

Let’s get the grovelling out of the way first. And the excuses, let’s get those out of the way first too. Oh heck. Is there a mathematician in the house? Can I have two first things? Even if I can you’d need to discount the preceding five sentences wouldn’t you? All I was going to […]

Wanted: More Streakers At Arsenal

By now readers are familiar with my research on the importance of winning streaks as a predictor of Arsenal winning the league (read my first and second blog on the subject).  So after last weekend the streak now stands at 6-wins and the league table now reads: Position 2nd Games played 8 Wins 6 Loss […]

Arsenal – Goals Are The Simplest Form Of Gratitude

добро утро (dobro utro) Positive friends and fans of The Arsenal, Yet another pleasant Autumn morning here in Norfolk as I scribble the further instalment in what is turning into a very pleasant season indeed, on all fronts. Oh yes the pen is flowing across the page like warm creamy custard over a fresh peeled […]