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Arsenal beat Foxes and Officials

Hello all. In this podcast we discuss ,what I believe was a great performance and I go on a rant about corruption in football. Pedantic George

Arsenal Keep Foxes at Arm’s Length.

Can a game be called a nail-biter when the other team creates almost nothing—0.01xG to be precise—and doesn’t win so much as a corner? On today’s evidence, I guess so. Arsenal were impossibly comfortable for an hour, before Leicester tried to get physical and turn it into a basketball match. From that point we had […]

Arsenal Destroy More Narratives.

Hello all. In this podcast we look back at the Villa game,a quick glance at the City defeat and a moan about children and their football jargon on twitter. Pedantic George.

Brave Arsenal Bounce Back to the Top

Back in the early days of the Emirates, Wenger’s Arsenal gave the word “brave” a new meaning, at least in football terms. For some, bravery will always be about barrelling into the 50-50s and putting your face in harm’s way like Phil Jones.  But for us, as we honed the short passing game that endures […]

Arsenal Lose Battle, War Continues.

Good morning positives, how are you doing? As if losing last night wasn’t enough, no Birdkamp today, so that leaves me to spout my inane nonsense, so don’t be expecting me to tell you anything you don’t know or didn’t see. We lost a home game to a team I believe to be the best […]

Brentford Remind Us What We’re Up Against.

After a disappointing result, it’s so predictable how some people will try to avoid the difficult questions by bigging up the opposition. Which is exactly what I’m going to do now.  Seriously, I think we can spare a bit of praise for our opponents yesterday, can’t we?  It’s hard to keep up with everything going […]

Arsenal Wilt In Everton Cauldron.

As this match approached it was hard not to feel like an American meteorologist watching a hurricane gaining force out in the Atlantic.  First, it became clear that Lampard was out the door, which would boost any football team on the planet. Soon, Dyche emerged as the only sensible option. Landfall for this perfect storm […]