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Mikel Arteta And The Application Of Asymmetric Warfare

Today’s post is by PA regular Double Canister.  “He is Arsène Wenger on the pitch.” I was prompted to write this after I saw a tweet to George saying as much and felt I could expand a bit on why I believe it is so. I would have to state my conflict of interest first […]

Arsenal – The Response Of Contenders

Today’s post is by PA regular Anicoll5 Who – me?! The dust has safely settled on Wednesday and we face a very different prospect at 3 bells on Saturday with the arrival of Sunderland at the Grove. It is good that we have a game so swiftly after Munich and even better it is at […]

Upbeat Arsenal, Not Beat-Up Arsenal

Today is the view from the stand by Passenal. Just back from the game and despite the result I’m not downbeat at all! It was a fantastic game of football for the first 30 minutes between two teams who wanted to play the game the way it’s meant to be played. And we were great […]

Can Arsenal Fans Answer The Question Of Belief?

Belief. We live in a world where every aspect of our lives is controlled by belief. This most intriguing of psychological states is perhaps responsible for the shaping of our world more than anything else. The romantics may argue love and the cynics may argue greed is equally responsible, yet nothing is more dangerous than […]

Liverpool ,Somersaults and Dives.

Today a guest post by @anicoll5 A mild glow suffuses my normally stern features this Monday morn, allowing my mind to meander across the memory of a fine game of football with both a performance and a result I had been hoping for.  Very nice, very nice indeed.  Top marks to our visitors who put […]

Liverpool – Time For A Test In Testing Times

If Arsenal lose today and lose heavily on Wednesday they will be left with only the league to play for, with their confidence in tatters and the fan base in meltdown, baying for the manager’s blood. At least that is the doomsday scenario that has been put forward by some, including John Cross and  Paul […]

Arsenal Disappoint with A Good Point

Today a guest post stolen  from @shotta_gooner (shhhh he doesn’t know yet.) The idea that we would simply walk over Man Utd is simply jaw-dropping in its stupidity.  This is a good team who are currently champions of England.  After a run of poor results, pride alone dictated they would put up a strong performance […]