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Why We Are Approaching The Light At The End Of The Tunnell

A guest Post by @Wilsheristic that looks at the promise that this team holds. “This is the Real Arsenal!” This hair-raising statement from the commentator resonated among the fans as we celebrated the showcase of spectacular football during the game against West Ham. Arsenal had showed us all a teaser of the movie we have all […]

The Next Game Ramble……Liverpool

For those who travel to Arsenal games by canal there is great news, the Department of the Environment have banned water fern, parrot’s feather, floating pennywort, water primrose and Australian swamp stonecrop from these shores. Don’t put your machetes away yet though, these plants are pretty prolific. Only last Sunday Camden looked like a scene […]

Enjoying The Simple Pleasures

Guest post by Matt Windmill (@MattWindmill) The sense of anticipation building as you catch the train, the odd glimpse of a red and white here and there, the knowing looks and acknowledgement from like minded strangers. The breeze as you enter the fragrant air of North London, a sea of red, white, yellow and blue […]

Unity In The Arsenal Community: Peace In Our Time Or Just Fantasy Football?

Guest post by Arsenal Andrew (aka @luckietwit) What a wonderful game we saw played in Brighton at the weekend by two teams equally deserving of much credit, sandwiched as it was between the thug-fest of the earlier kick-off in the semi-deserted Potteries and the passionless snore-fest at Old Trafford. Great calls by the local broadcasters, there, […]