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Just Not Good Enough

A measly four goals and we conceded one against that shower of second raters. Well that’s what you might think reading twitter, blogs and listening to Sky pundits. But lets not forget than United struggled to a rather fortunate one nil win at the Old Toilet recently. Now I am not going to say we […]

Bring On The Royals

The first  post (by @apra_gooner) coming through our new alliance with the facebook group commonly known as OTBAG  The Gunners host The Royals in a crucial game on the and we’re expecting no less than 3 points from the game against a side that’s languishing in the bottom and at the brink of relegation after five loses […]

All Hail The Corporal

Guest post by Jeff (@jeff_ozule) Wenger was once advised to go and watch an impressive young Right back who had played  a handful of games for Charlton. He was said to have pace and the heart of a warrior,a tall lad who never stops trying. Best of all, he was a life time Gooner. Not just […]

What Plighted Cunning Hides

In memory of Richard Briers, who I’m sure we all recall for his startling portrayal of Malvolio in the Renaissance Theatre Company production of Twelfth Night, I thought I’d watch a couple of old episodes of The Good Life. OK OK so it maybe it wasn’t Malvolio. I’ll admit it, the first thing we all […]

The Bradyesque7 Weekly Round-up

This week I shall attempt to stretch news until it is unrecognisable. It will be thinner, it will be weaker and, most of all, it will be brief. First up is a brand new feature called ‘Embarrassing Dads’. Wojciech Szczesny’s father spoke to a member of the press to complain about the treatment of his […]

Arsene Wenger – Puts Square Pegs in Round Holes?

This is a continuation of my series about Arsene and dispelling some of the myths ingrained in arguments that people constantly make against him to highlight some imaginary incompetence that only exists in their thought processes. People make a really big deal about “square pegs in round holes” in terms of players being played out of […]

Jeux Sans Frontieres

  A weekend with no football doesn’t have to be the vacuum we all dread. Look on it as an opportunity to spend precious time with your loved ones. To catch up on a few jobs around the house or maybe see if an elderly neighbour would like a hand getting the garden sorted out.  […]

Arsene Wenger – He Doesn’t Do Tactics?

This season so far hasn’t been the greatest for many Arsenal fans according to the standards they’ve become accustomed to set by Arsene Wenger himself. To quote him, “”If you eat caviar every day it’s difficult to return to sausages.” However, if you look at the narrative doing the rounds lately, it is almost like people believe the […]

Pills And Soap

This time last week I was writing about the Arsenal first team playing yet again in the knock-out stage of the Uefa Champion’s league, then at the weekend I looked at our vital premiership away game with the league cup winners of Swansea. Exciting, nail biting encounters with much at stake, the very stuff we […]

The Ignorant vs The Arsenal

  Part 3 of a guest post series by Red Henry. Feel free to take a look at Part 1 and Part 2 as well.  Where do the outrageous demands arsenal fans have, come from? What is it in the Wenger set up that makes them remember the past with such fondness? I hear many […]