Just Not Good Enough

A measly four goals and we conceded one against that shower of second raters.

Well that’s what you might think reading twitter, blogs and listening to Sky pundits. But lets not forget than United struggled to a rather fortunate one nil win at the Old Toilet recently.

Now I am not going to say we beat a good team. Because they were rubbish. But the reason they were rubbish is quite simple . We made it so.

Right from the off they were totally outclassed. Not for one minute did we allow them to get a little fingerhold, let alone a foothold .

We did everything well. Chances were made, but due to mainly last ditch defending we only scored one goal before half time. Although how we did not get a penalty when our ex-goal stopper most blatantly brought Giroud down, is something known only to the cyclist in black.

The game was never allowed to be a contest to speak of, but it was definitely over within five minutes of the restart, when Gervinho cut the ball back to Santi for the second.

I can’t think of anyone who did not play well. But Gervinho and Santi were nothing short of magnificent.

Some armchair experts on twitter were still asking after the game: “why is Gervinho starting ahead of AOC and Podolski”?


Really?  Did they watch the game?

People judging him on preconceived ideas and past lapses is sickening. The club has a big investment in him and his fragile temperament. I don’t know about the rest of you, but he excites me when on the ball.  People talk about players giving us something different, well he sure as hell fits that particular bill.  Man of the match for me.  He scored the opening goal and assisted the next two. Well done son.

Another player recently labeled not good enough by the ignorant malcontents is Aaron Ramsey. Well here is the thing.  He is more than just good enough. He is becoming majestic. He was majestic in fact.

Some of the play in second half was breathtaking. Triangles became quadrangles became pentagons then hexagons. The movement and quick passing was something to behold. I have not seen another team in the Premiership come close to it. Despite what the pundits try to tell us. Not even close

Game two of our ten cup finals won in style.

I hesitate to say this but I don’t see how anyone can expect to walk straight back into the team, not Jack, not Theo.  I dare say they will, but it will be harsh on the lads who have to make way.

And a special mention to Rosicky, who once again showed he is the best piece of deadwood currently playing anywhere.

Saturday at 4.45 pm was a good time to be a Positive.

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  1. A particularly mazy afternoon from Gervinho

    I see Wenger was pleased with him and put his earlier dip in form down to a drop in confidence and playing in a bad atmosphere

    Who would have guessed that bitching and moaning at a player would put them off ?


  2. To quote Arsene accurately ” a very negative atmosphere”

    He’s clearly a fan


  3. Spot on George. Fancy losing a player like Theo and having a choice of top class replacements. What a squad.


  4. We’ll said John…
    Gervinho showed his class today. Cazorla was magnificent ; arteta and rosicky made the game look easy. Ramsey was blooming.

    While giroud was good with the link up play, his finishing could be better.
    In fact both the G’s could use some finishing training. Nitpicking of me here really though add they both did their jobs.

    Chris Foy did his job as usual. 2 penalties and about 15 fouls unpunished. The media on their job as well, downplaying our dominance and victory.

    PS : I hope reading don’t go down. They give us gray games always 🙂


  5. Gervinho was fantastic in creativity, although there are still improvements there to be made. A run of games will surely increase his final product, which was quite fustrating even though he was involved in 3 goals! easily could have scored 3 and assisted 3!


  6. they dont like us …and we dont like them…me say war.


  7. a lot was made of the goal conceded ( apparently it counts for four goals, no wonder ARSENE doesn’t like the away goals rule! ) and the many chances missed or saved or blocked. This was all to deflect from any positives we should be taking from the game.
    Generally I think you should look at performances in a home and away block and so with us winning both home and away and chelski and the spuds (chelski and the spuds that could be the name of a film ) both dropping points we have got to say its been a good two game rotation for us.
    I know the doomers would never give absolute credit to the “deadwood” but I thought some acknowledgement of their performances would ensue. How naïve I was instead a barrage of bile by people claiming to be supporters of our great club.
    I honestly believe some people have been brainwashed by spuds and media so much into seeing the dark in everything, it has now been intrinsically ingrained into them that moaning is a necessity and part of being a fan.
    well their wrong and I thank the footballing gods we have this site and the many contributors to keep me sane.
    once again great write up George and thank you!


  8. Where else will you read such utter joy at our spanking of Reading? Isn’t that what supporters do? We have 10 cup finals and we comprehensively toast our opponent and supporters vent bitterness that Gervinho didn’t score more. Shame on them. You can never satisfy these saddos.
    * They ask for skilful unpredictability – Check
    * They ask for a willingness to shoot – Check
    * They ask for willingness to work hard on both ends – Check
    * They ask for an experienced player – Check
    Not even Messi would satisfy
    1 goal, 2 assists, 6-8 shot attempts. Long may it continue.


  9. the only flaws yesterday were how we keep on proving year after year that we are not training enough at finishing….. and the defending by Monreal for their goal.

    Otherwise this was top notch


  10. hiroo,That was proof of nothing of the sort.
    Of course we will train finishing


  11. Nice one, George.
    Last night on MOTD, they did a feature on Carrick and his composed passing through midfield. We had two players in Arteta and Ramsey who made this VT look like a study of the average.
    He didn’t even come close to our boys yesterday.

    Yes Reading were poor but it must be terribly demoralising to be second to every ball. We were brilliant and Gervinho drove us on.

    If you didn’t enjoy that game, you just ain’t a Gooner.


  12. Just got to know †̥̥ ђ !ş site through “Untold arsenal”. †̥̥ ђ !ş makes two great positively minded gonner blog in Τ̣̣ђё world. So unto Τ̣̣ђё game, in brief, “I enjoyed Τ̣̣ђё game” suckers can fly to hell for all I care. COYG


  13. Soglorious. Me too. It goes with Untold as an intelligent site. Thanks guys.


  14. Very enjoyable but not just due to the way we neutralised Reading.

    It’s becoming apparent with every game that the familiarity all players within the squad require in order to function effectively is finally showing through. Some wonderful performances throughout but it was the partnerships and the intricacies of the interplay that was so thrilling for me.

    Especially pleased for Gerv and the mighty Ramsey who must be giving the Doomers as many nightmares as he is his actual on-pitch opponents.


  15. Watching that compilation of Carrick I was thinking very much the same thing. And then again when they did a feature on Gareth Bale about Cazorla and Gervinho. Bale’s goal was even described by Gary Lineker as “Messi-esque”! Such a comedian, is Lineker.

    Whenever Arsenal win impressively you can bet your house that MotD’s focus will be on how the opposition were useless to avoid giving us any credit. Man Utd and spu*s just about managed to get 3 points from their games and we’re treated to the individual brilliance of their players.

    It was good to see Rosicky finally start a game, with Reading sat so deep he didn’t get the opportunity to make those exquisite turns and driving runs from the halfway line but he still played well, just overshadowed by the excellence of Cazorla and Gervinho on this occasion.


  16. glad d cup finals are unfolding nicely… 10 wins and we are 3rd… no shaking


  17. Leo – I just caught up with the MoTD coverage and was impressed at how they managed to highlight a very ordinary game from Manure by using some very ordinary clips of the very ordinary Carrick to make their somewhat predictably feeble point. You’d be forgiven for forgetting the mancs scraped past a poor Sunderland side courtesy of a single own goal. I’ve no doubt they could have gone up a gear or two but to present the performance as some kind of masterclass is laughable, at best.

    I was bemused that the Arsenal game was on around 4th; it’s as if MoTD were going out of their way to marginalise the Arsenal performance.

    Whilst one can’t take away united’s achievement in winning the league this year, few can claim to have been excited by the performance. A catastrophic decline on the part of Citeh, failure by the chavs to build on last season’s Euro success, a perennially fading Liverpool and the one-man led renaissance by spuds (temporary, at best) opened the door to the red mancs. That we had to spend the season bedding in a squad made things even easier for them.

    In many ways, the highs and lows of Arsenal’s performances aside, this has been one of the dullest EPL campaigns I can personally recall for many years. In general terms, it seems to have lost much of the excitement one used to associate with it and I honestly think a stable pre-season for Arsenal could well see us run away with it next time around as there is very little that I can see to fear from anyone.

    Arsenal WERE exciting yesterday, even though Reading’s league status appears doomed. All the other leading sides just seemed workmanlike.

    I think next season could be a very wonderful one for the club. I’m loving watching our current growth and development but simply can’t wait to get this season out of the way.

    I think we are about to put a very lively cat among some very manky pigeons …


  18. Great to see players like Ramsey ,Fabianski and
    Gervinho doing so well. sometimes when players have had a rough time they come back, much stronger. ramsey is a really good example of this. when you consider that thug nearly amputated his ankle,,its s fantastic comeback. When he gets his scoring boots on he’s going to be great


  19. Great write up George. I had the misfortune of sitting next to a loud-mouthed know it all who spent the whole match bending the ear of his mate with his pearls of wisdom – every one a well worn media cliche. He was even unhappy that Gervinho was having a good game! WTF has support come to these days for some people?

    Andrew you are right that ‘ordinary’ is the word to describe the mancs – they have been incredibly lucky, squeaking 1 nil wins thanks to lenient refereeing and plenty of ‘fergie-time’. They even laboured at home to beat the team we toyed with yesterday.

    There shouldn’t be any major departures this summer unless Arsene wants to let them go, so I can see this team going from strength to strength. Watching the game again on Arsenal player earlier really showcased just how breathtaking some of the football was from our boys. No other team in the PL generates that sort of excitement and quality of interplay. Credit to Reading for some great last ditch defending – it wasn’t really just about profligacy on our part although there were a couple of really sumptuous moves that deserved to finish with the ball in the back of the net. The late run by Rosicky for one example.

    I must say also what a pleasure it was to listen to informed and intelligent commentary as well. Adrian Clarke is a real joy – the difference in commentating from someone with balance and a positive mindset, who highlights weaknesses but also looks for the positives rather than constantly dwelling on the negatives is really refreshing. He also acknowledges that there are two teams out there on the pitch and that the outcome is not just down to what we do – Reading also played their part in keeping the score down. They are not a great side, but they looked particularly poor yesterday because we made them look poor.


  20. Great write up, George. On my Twitter feed this morning, the tweet just above yours promoting this blog said Gervinho was decent but “still not good enough in front of goal”. Sigh. Some folks are never happy…or just freaking blind. I enjoyed that game immensely. We were just awesome.

    Oh and, good news, Brady. You won’t have to make anything up in order to feature Aaron in your roundup this week!


  21. i heard someone say that the commentator was a spurs fan..then i remember the journo who took interview after munich game reminding jenks about 8 trophyless years and people saying that he was also a spurs supporter… the day we were playing munich in germany lineker attacked wenger for not taking his key players with him…then i saw an article suggesting that wenger and arsenal should follow spurs example..( lmfao) and i can not digest f365’s overzealous exposure they give to that lot…..what is going on?

    why do so many spunt supoorters work for sports media?

    how come there are people who support that shit? they have classless fans…no real history..no classy football, no stadium..basically they got NOTHING on arsenal…and how come there is an alliance between spunts and united ????how does that work ?


  22. Q)why do so many spunt supoorters work for sports media?
    A)Because they don’t understand enough to work in the game.


  23. what i would give for this team to just stay together barring diaby being out with long term injury

    that continuity is what has been missing since the class of 07/08 nearly won the league in style but for Eduardo’s leg break…

    i think we are about to have another run like that

    rosicky is there
    carzola/jack for cesc or is that hleb
    ramsey/arteta for flamini or hleb
    giroud/podolski for adebayo
    walcott for

    fill in the rest am sure there’s someone more competent to compare


  24. Cazorla is better than Cesc was in 08.Whether he is better now is a different argument.


  25. great write-up George, and very funny too. Travel problems meant I missed half of the first half, saw we were one nil up as I slunk, gasping for breath into my seat and thought, I hope this doesn’t mean I’ve missed the only goal of the game! ha ha ha.
    I was up in London for the weekend, just got back, just about to re-watch on ArsenalPlayer (rubs hands gleefully)

    Top stuff Passenal and ArsenalAndrew. Plundits wouldn’t sound like such plonkers if they were prepared to admit they a) didn’t know everything (anything, in some cases) b) had got big calls wrong.

    What we are witnessing now is the end of the beginning – the foundations have been laid for success next year.

    “In many ways, the highs and lows of Arsenal’s performances aside, this has been one of the dullest EPL campaigns I can personally recall for many years.” – this is what I heard a couple of League One fans saying on the train on the way up to London.


  26. Good stuff, George.

    I concur that not team has played this intricately in the PL. It was simply superb stuff from the team. Not only was our passing sublime but we defended with class also. Reading hardly had a sniff at goal apart from their goal that was pretty decent.

    I did not think we would have as many struggles as we have had but it does not take a rocket scientist to see that there is something about this team.


  27. “I was up in London for the weekend, just got back, just about to re-watch on ArsenalPlayer (rubs hands gleefully)”

    You’re in for a real treat FG. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.


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