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Arsenal: Drawing in Two Dimensions

Good morning Positive Arsenal fans, It is a morning after the night before that I admit I have struggled to put pen to paper in respect of the post match review. Some games have too much action and incident to condense into a 600 word piece, and the result of other matches, either good or […]

Arsenal vs WHU

After scoring late to salvage a point in what was a very frustrating afternoon at St Mary’s, Arsenal travel cross town to the London Stadium tonight for what could be another tricky encounter. This past Saturday West Ham caught Chelsea sleepwalking 5 minutes in, defended for their lives thereafter, reducing the Champions to a team […]

The Mou, The Doc & The Bottle

@GoonerReverend contemplates St Augustine’s advice to “Love the Sinner but Hate the Sin”- sort of. It seems to be that wherever there is Mourinho and a football match there is drama. I don’t know what it is but the man and the headline just seem to morph in to one big soap opera right in […]

Arsenal: the nearest run thing you ever saw in your life

Good Afternoon Positive ladies and gentlemen, Well the positive  news is clearly that we gained a point on an afternoon when, I admit, I had my doubts that we would exit St Mary’s with anything other than a damn good jeering. As matters turned out a fine headed finish from the old French master above. […]

Arsenal: The Belles of St Mary’s

@LaboGoon opens the programme on Arsenal vs Southampton Arsenal travel to Southampton this afternoon looking to bounce back after shooting ourselves in both kneecaps last weekend. In that game from 10 minutes in till the end whistle we put in quite a credible performance, but it was ultimately the “Oh FFS” moments in the initial […]

Arsenal: A six goal skate past BATE

Good morning Fellow Positives, A very relaxed evening’s viewing, the qualification ‘jobby’ long ago done, and the only purpose of the evening was to put on a decent display so as to not let down the sides playing in Belgrade, and to give the lads on the bench a good run out. And so it […]

Arsenal: Tourists, bloody tourists

@GoonerReverend  Well the aftermath of the Man Utd game wasn’t an Arsenal fan Twitter melt down as such it was a bit of banter gone badly wrong between an Arsenal legend and some overseas fans. It is understandable that emotions were running high after such a game but what transpired after cannot unfortunately be put […]