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Arsenal 2023: Will Next Year Be Better?

In this podcast we look back and forward, hoping to make sense of a strange season and odd expectations for next season. Pedantic George.

Smiles All Round as the Curtain Comes Down.

On a sunny afternoon we blew away an insipid Wolves team, ending the season with a little flourish. This was a thoroughly enjoyable, not to mention heartwarming final day, and I don’t think we need to be cynical about it. The football was stunning from the first to the last minute. And while we were deadly […]

Makeshift Arsenal Crumble.

Arsenal bowed out of the title race with a meek defeat at Forest, whose win secured their own survival. Their goal was a lucky ricochet, but it’s not like we deserved anything, scraping together little more than a few snatched shots.   I don’t know how you felt, but as spring approached and we powered through […]

Out With A Whimper.

In their Arsenal-Brighton match review Shotta and Blackburn George are surprised by the manner the Gunners were outplayed by Brighton. This is the culmination of a trend of declining performances ever since coughing up a 2-goal lead to Liverpool in early April, similarly away to West Ham and then having to come from behind to […]

Arsenal’s Midfield Ruled The Toon.

In this podcast we look at the Newcastle performance and wax lyrical about some aspects of team.

Defiant Arsenal Keep Dream Alive.

We went to Newcastle and earned a rousing win at a superclub, to keep another superclub looking over their shoulder.  For all the deserved criticism since Liverpool, you would have to be dead inside not to derive extreme satisfaction from this win. It was an outing we’ll look back on fondly for a long time.  […]

Have Arsenal Faltered or Faded?

In this Manchester City – Arsenal match review Blackburn George @arseblagger (suspended on Twitter) is not surprised that the Gunners were “humbled and outclassed” by the Citizens as this was his prediction in the previous podcast. City has the better players and the better coach. On the day City was unbeatable. Neither he nor Shotta […]

Arsenal Horribly Humbled.

Good morning, or is it? As the sun went down in Manchester about 9 AM so too did the light go from our title hopes. Truth be told after the first 8 minutes of play it was clear we were in for a humbling and a lesson in football. It was complete dominance from start […]

Patterns lost = 6 Points Dropped.

Hello all. In this podcast we look at dropped points against Southampton on the back of Liverpool and West Ham and my conclusions point the finger at certain players that seem beyond criticism. Then we try to assess our chances against City on Wednesday night. Now, as I’m currently off twitter ( for reasons discussed […]

Self-Sabotaging Arsenal Scramble to Draw.

It’s late on Friday night and I have no idea where to begin. So I’ll just start with Ramsdale passing it to Alcaraz with 20 seconds on the clock. Now, if you’ve watched Arsenal at all this season you’ll know that Ramsdale is good for a flub like this.  It doesn’t make him unique as […]