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Arsenal: The Sting of the Swan

Good morning Positives, I can still feel the damp discomfort of last night’s result but the effect is gradually reducing, dulled by time and the opportunity to review the event and look forward. It would be difficult for anyone to add much more to Arsene’s comments about the game pivoting on a number of mistakes […]

Arsenal: Liberty Rises

@LaboGoon spies out the Land of My Fathers Good morning Positivistas. It’s the day before the transfer window slam shut and Arsenal is travelling to Swansea City, and as it’s known on these streets, to escape the transfer hoopla even if just temporary. Last time we played Swansea they were in a bit of a […]

Arsenal and Aubameyang: Transfer Myths vs Reality

Greetings All Positives, There is something about a transfer window that makes most grown men and women who support Arsenal Football Club get absolutely mental and irrational. Most of my readers are familiar with my thesis that it is our psychological susceptibility to fear vs greed that drives us to such irrational behavior. How else […]

Arsenal with Plan A, B and C.

Good morning my positive friends. When Andy Nic. and I arranged a job swap for this game, I have to admit I thought I might have gotten the shitty end of the stick. But no, not at all. I sit here in my bed in Blackburn (I’ll get up soon, I promise), with a smile […]

Arsenal: Opportunity beckons

Good afternoon Positive Red People, I trust we are all primed for his evening’s game which, by my reckoning, is our 8th serious contest with the Blues in the last 16 month. (W3L1D4). The semi final tie is perfectly balanced. Like us Conte’s men have struggle to score goals, despite bringing in an expensive striker […]

Arsenal: Slick and Professional

Good morning Positivistas, That was much much more like it. Football reared its lovely head across a wet North London Saturday afternoon. The players, all of them in fact,  delivered the fans 90 minutes of entertainment, and a comfortable three point win. I have to admit a cloak of trepidation swaddled the Arsenal faithful on the […]

Arsenal: Football breaks the window

@LaboGoon opens the curtains  January eh – don’t you just wish this month was over already? Well, at least not without a few wins under the belt, a ‘departure’ and one or two “top top” additions to our squad. Now that will really help to lift this gloom. Arsenal host Crystal Palace at the Emirates […]

Arsenal: Only a 40% Correlation between Penalties-For and Avg League Position

It is amazing how far we as human beings, including us football fans; will go to deny reality, specifically to deny facts that do not conform with our deeply held beliefs. Denialism is a very common element of human behavior and is defined by the psychologists as: “…a person’s choice to deny reality, as a […]

Arsenal: Calamity at the Vitality !!

Good afternoon Positives, I shall make it brief and, I  hope, to the point. I admit the positives of the game today, though not impossible to find, are a little thin. Let me however get the brutal bit out of the way. We played today as a team lacking or short in probably two essential […]

Arsenal: The Cherry Blossom Sunday

@LaboGoon opens the programme – and he’s not predicting 0-0  Good day Positivistas …… Arsenal face Bournemouth at the Vitality Stadium this afternoon, looking for some respite after recent results. We of course didn’t start 2018 the way we would have liked, so a positive result would really help set the tone for us to […]