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Will Arsenal’s British Core Meet The Challenge?

So the 2015 Emirates Cup is done and dusted and next up, looming like a filthy, giant troll trying to prevent our passage over the bridge, is Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea in the upcoming Community Shield. Even though it is another glorified pre-season friendly, whose results will have absolutely no bearing on either team’s eventual league […]

“Commencing countdown, Engines on, Check Ignition and May God’s Love Be With You”

So the long close season is drawing to an end, the evenings are shortening, arable crops stand tall and golden in the fields, cheery yokels chew on a shared stalk of straw by my gate, and the slamming of the transfer window is no longer the distant dream it was a billion tweets ago. Hip-Hip-Hooray! […]

Arsenal Versus Lyon: Games Don’t Come Any Bigger Than This

As the transfer crazed hordes follow the script fed to them by a click hungry media and demand more money be spent, and while they crave another Arsenal player be thrown on the beach to make room for a newer, more shiny and above all more expensive model, the rest of us, with an appetite […]

Do you love ARSENAL or do you love the idea of ARSENAL?

A guest post from Seebs Singapore, half time, first friendly of the season, a young side are putting on a decent display in extreme heat. Stupidly I wandered on to twitter, hoping to see praise for Chuba Akpom and Alex Iwobi, only to find many showing frustration at the game. One person twitted “that’s 45 […]

Theo ! Theo ! Theo !

A guest post from @foreverheady The autumn of 2012 was an interesting time for The Arsenal. The three new signings, Olivier Giroud, Lukas Podolski and Santi Cazorla were settling in quite nicely, but their arrival early in the summer, initially greeted by the fans with some degree of enthusiasm, did little to compensate for the […]

It Appears Wengerball Is Back.

A guest post from @foreverheady Meaningless methadone it may have been and for the manager and team no doubt a low stakes game, where getting fit and building up gently for the rigours to come was the main priority. And yet Arsene would have known that it was also a game that the team was […]

Arsenal Versus Everton: Meaningless Methadone

When I finally stopped drinking the need to have a glass of liquid ever at hand remained with me. I used grapefruit or cranberry juice mixed with carbonated water. This provided a necessarily bitter beverage and a useful prop to ease me into my sobriety. Cigarette smokers have a variety of patches, gums and electronic […]

Is Signing A Superstar The Answer For Arsenal ?

A guest post from Tim ( @foreverheady ) “If you think you have more than one Derby horse in your yard, you haven’t got a Derby horse.” So went the advice given by an eminent trainer sometime last century and you can see the logic. To win the most prestigious prize in racing you needed […]

Can Arsenal Really Compete?

The simple truth is that being a football fan is more about emotion than it is about logic. We want what we want and for most it matters not that what we want is a fantasy. We have a romantic notion of how our club should perform. We all think our club should be “taken […]