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I Once Was A Lost Little Gooner.

When I first joined twitter just over a year ago you could have described me as a doomer. I spent my days moaning at no one and everyone for Arsene Wenger to ‘spend some f@!?ing money’. I’d criticise team selections and substitutes despite never having been in the position to have to make one myself. […]

In A Man’s World

Jane never spoke more than a few words to the players at this stage. Her coaching staff knew who needed a kick up the backside and who responded to an arm around the shoulder. She let her team do its job. She’d been through the tactical stuff during training that week and in any event […]

The Unforgiving

The sun was a hard white nail in the limitless bleached denim of the desert sky. George looked up through slitted lids at the circling birds, wing tips spread like fingers as their silhouettes described lazy curves through the burning light of mid day. He leaned slightly forward and to his left and squirted a […]

Fair Play And All That Malarkey By Sensational Arsenal

Why do I care for a football team thousands of miles away? Why do I do a fist pump when we score, especially after giving everything? Why do I say “we”? I just do. It is not just the characteristics of the club that has me in love with the club. There are other clubs […]

First Contract

The summer is here and, not unlike the rest of the season, transfer targets are at the forefront of many a football fan’s mind. The difference now being that there is no football to dilute the true joy that gossip and lies bring to the party. While this summer promises to be a massive departure […]

Ignorance and Stupidity.Yet Again.

Is it just me or are others infuriated by ignorance and stupidity? Now I don’t blame people who are stupid, simply because they are.  I mean they are born stupid.  Nobody chooses to be an idiot.  Mostly they can’t help it.  Such is life. No, what annoys me is that some stupid people insist on […]

The Final Front Ear

Behind them the inky black emptiness of space stretched away, an infinite void punctured by the pinprick of distant, long dead stars. Except of course that it didn’t. It didn’t stretch away behind them, or in front of them or to the side. When something is everywhere and all at once, direction and distance become […]