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Arsenal: The final fixture of 2017

@LaboGoon eases us into New Year’s Eve  Arsenal travel to the Hawthorns of West Brom this afternoon to bid au revoir to 2017 – and hopefully we do so in style. After being victorious in the opening two PL fixtures of the season, WBA have failed to get another win since and has slipped all […]

Mourinho, The Special Hypocrite

    Mourinho’s latest calculated big play, talking about money and its impact, is pretty incredible. He’s right. 100 per cent right, in that Man City’s crazy spending and greater wealth than Utd has made his task of trying to make utd top dogs much harder or, quite possibly, beyond him. But the hypocrisy of […]

Arsenal: To Learn to Play the Tune

Good morning and welcome to the 29th December 2017 Positive Arsenal fans, Did you enjoy that after six days of sporting abstinence ? I did. A genuinely good game of football last night I thought. I fancied it might turn into a bit of a boot’n’fist carnival but I could not have been more wrong. […]

Arsenal: Pageant at the Palace ?

@LaboGoon shakes off the tinsel to preview the Second Act  Hello Positivistas… Today marks the start of the second round of fixtures for the Arsenal, and it goes without saying the we need to do a lot better than in the first. We won’t be facing Liverpool in this round but in it’s place Crystal […]

Arsenal: Every good boy deserves football

  Good morning Positives, A sumptuous evening of entertainment last night from two of the three best attacking sides in the country last night. The perfect paradigm of the two half contest. Thrills, a couple of goalkeeping spills, a point apiece the only fair result. Yes, yes, yes I know three points would have been […]

Arsenal: Let’s wrap it up, with bells on

@LaboGoon gets the big Friday game underway Hello Positivistas… Arsenal host Liverpool tonight at the Emirates in a game where the result, much like last season, could be the difference between Champions League or Europa qualification. So for both teams a win is important. This won’t be an easy game, Liverpool’s attack have an undeniable […]

Arsenal: Marching on to Wembley

Good Morning Arsenal Positive, Another solid step for the B team last night against an ‘Ammers side who, on paper, looked strong enough. The players Moyes had picked wee good enough to win the tie and have had some good results recently, but never seemed to put in the 100% effort we saw from them […]

Arsenal: You got to be having a laugh

@ReverendGooner goes easy on the media  Now I’m no fan of the weekly pantomime that is Arsenal Fan TV but for now they are here and here to stay or until Robbie gets picked up by one of the majors to become a real football reporter which I’m sure is his dream job. The former […]

Arsenal: Why the long face ?

Good morning Positive AFC, As we all anticipated our excellent home form carried us over the line against Toon. It was a little messy at the end and as we discussed last night by not slotting a second and ideally a third goal we left the chance available for the visitors to scuffle something from […]

Arsenal vs Newcastle , Time To Get Back On The Bike,

After stuttering recently Arsenal return to the familiar surroundings of the Emirates, to hopefully get a warm arm around the shoulder from the home crowd and a timely reminder that this season is far from over, time to get back on the bike. Newcastle is in town and this is exactly the sort of fixture […]