Catch us on Twitter!

A lot of the positive and supportive people here who contribute posts and comments are also on twitter and even tweet during games. Feel free to follow and if you’d like to add anyone else, just let us know in the comments section.

@positivelyarse – our ‘official’ Twitter, follow for latest blog post alerts

@Arseblagger – George aka Pedantic George, aka PG

@StewBlack – Stew Black, also known as Stew Black (or Steww)

@Positive Adi (formerly the Twitter known as @positivegunner) – Adi

@ArsenalAndrew – ArsenalAndrew

@bradyesque7 – Bradyesque7

@ohdearaaah – Frank

@anicoll5 – Andrew Nicoll




This page will be constantly updated

3 comments on “Catch us on Twitter!

  1. Great brilliant post. Please repeat now and again,want the negative wankers to see sense.


  2. Hey can I put a postive Sanchez guest post on here i can email you it or something


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