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“People Want Success. It’s Like Coffee, They Want Instant” *

My fellow Positivitas, another Sunday has rolled round and with our fourth game of the PL season, has settled. I think we are all now a little more confident and able to raise our eyes to look forward and upward. The game yesterday was predictable in form. We dominated possession, pushed the home side back […]

Arsenal Versus Newcastle: The Narrow Road to the Deep North East

Where do I begin? We’re three games into a spluttering start to a season which promises much but has yet to deliver. We’ve lost one on a bewildering afternoon which felt like watching a match after inadvertently switching the Splenda for a tab of acid, nothing quite made sense. We’ve won one in a gruelling […]

Countering The White Flag Brigade at The Arsenal

After the disappointment of not winning at home vs Liverpool, there was the expected emotional reaction by many pundits and fans who have concluded after the first three games of the season that Arsenal cannot contend for the title. 1-Win, 1-Draw and 1-Loss and we are already out of the runnings. In this rush to […]

Can Arsenal Win With Lightweights?

We like to hear things that reinforce our opinions. We agree with those that have the same opinions as us and argue against those who have opinions that differ. Of course we do.  Why would we not? I have yet to meet someone that thinks their opinion is wrong. If they did they would change […]

Reality Leaves A Lot To The Imagination*

Morning +++’ers and I guess that like me you have been gently turning over last night’s game, like a tumble dryer at a slow speed, little flashes of bright cloth, amid a whirl of rather confused and apparently damp fabric. What of the contest itself? A disturbing first half. Hesitation, nervousness and careless passing from […]

Arsenal Versus Liverpool: Breaking Warren’s Heart

I bumped into Warren on Thursday, I was haggling in a camera shop, he was mooching about town with his daughter. We haven’t seen much of each other lately so we pressed pause in our respective schedules and brought one another up to date. As with most people in these circumstances it wasn’t long before […]

Football’s Habituation Principle

 A guest post from @foreverheady On Tuesday night I watched United take on Club Brugge in the Champions League qualifier. I enjoyed the early goal against them, of course I did, but any hopes of further embarrassment were stopped short by an excellent performance form their new player, Memphis Depay. Although the rest of the […]

El Capitan (Translation Provided)

Arsenal El Capitan, Mikel Arteta This is a brief blog about Mikel Arteta. Spain, Rangers, Arsenal – right midfield, central midfield, defensive midfield blah blah. You all know his evolution so I will spare you a history lesson. I believe that Santi performs brilliantly in a role designed for Arteta. It’s more defensive than that […]

Zeros To Heroes in One Week – The Arsenal Story

“The force of habit that is Arsenal football club has been restored.” – Andrew Nicoll There is an unwritten rule at Positively Arsenal that we don’t do tactics, team selections and line-ups. We are kept in line not only by George’s very firm gaze (across land and sea), but, as well, most of us are […]

Arsenal, La force d’habitude

Good evening Positive Ones and we have had a rather good afternoon, those of us who have had the good fortune to see the game from Selhurst Park and later ‘events’, haven’t we? For those like Tim who have responsibilities elsewhere then it is a pleasure to come. Reviewing what for me was the first […]