Arsenal: Scream if you want to go faster

Good morning Positive friends, The roar was truly ripped in last night’s contest. If Friday night football is like this then I want more of it. I cannot remember opening league game that has had as much action, so much DRAMA, as we endured enjoyed in the course of collecting our three points against the […]

Arsenal: The Winner Takes it All

Good morning Positive Arsenal fans and welcome to the 2017/2018 season, I trust you all thoroughly enjoyed yesterday’s game from Wembley, a contest that swayed from end to end but which I thought the deserved winners emerged?  The result was not quite as comprehensive as in May but I recognise that we were without certainly […]

Arsenal: I’m singing the Bird’s Nest Blues

For a friendly I thought that was a decent game. Fair play to the RentBoys who deserved their win. 3-0 was a bit hard to take but we were regularly cut open during the first half, before they scored, and only poor finishing allowed it to stay at 0-0 as long as it did. We […]

Arsenal: Are you ready Positives ?

Gf60 writes: With our season about to start later this week I’m sure that many remember moaning and groaning about some of our starts to previous seasons. Perhaps it would be fun to contemplate our navels for a moment and reflect that back before the war, Manchester City won the championship and were relegated the […]

Arsenal: Mine is the night, with all her stars

Gf60 concludes his series of Arsenal League triumphs with a look at the 26th May 1989; When the South African Broadcasting Corporation decided to suspend normal Friday night TV programming to bring us the match live, some magic just had to be afoot. Football in the then rugby dominated, white supremacist South Africa? Take off […]

Arsenal: The first Double 1971

By popular demand Gf60 writes; I’d not really come down from winning the league at WHL but already a panic.Having tried during my 4 week break with no joy, HOW to get a ticket for the Cup final? I finally conceded that tomorrow I’d be a box watcher. But, my luck continued. Late that evening, […]

Arsenal: On to the Lane May’71

Gf60 provides the second  leg of his League trophy journey; To this day, I wonder what made me think that I could go the flicks, watch a lunch time screening of “Get Carter” in Muswell Hill and get to the spuds in good time for the game? With some 40 000 locked out, the Gods […]