Arsenal: On to the Lane May’71

Gf60 provides the second  leg of his League trophy journey; To this day, I wonder what made me think that I could go the flicks, watch a lunch time screening of “Get Carter” in Muswell Hill and get to the spuds in good time for the game? With some 40 000 locked out, the Gods […]

Arsenal: Champions of England

Gf60 writes; Friday May 1st 1953, 2 months short of my 11th birthday and I’m allowed to go unaccompanied to my first night game. It is the last game of the season…… Burnley. A win makes us League champions. A draw or loss makes for tears. Burnley had feelings for their near neighbours *(Preston and scared […]

Arsenal: The game to remember

Gf60 writes; My most exciting game (outside of championship deciders and cup finals). Isn’t it strange that when you cast your mind back over literally hundreds of games that really got you going, drenched with sweat, hoarse, really exhausted as though you’d covered every blade of grass on the pitch yourself, that a lost game […]

Arsenal: The Football Rattle

GF60 writes; This was written some 6 years ago and at last we have to concede that St. Tott’s can have a break. But at least we have a pot to show for it and can claim that we’ve won the league, cup and shield on their home ground! There are no games in the season […]

Arsenal: Old Memories from the Class of ’48

Gf60 writes; Of old Highbury, Crush barriers, Cliff Holton and Stanley Matthews. With all-seater grounds, nancyfied and oh so safe, no-one will ever know, again, the thrill of being able to tell the crowd size merely by the pressure on your chest. Seriously. To illustrate: a big game, the scum for example, meant that you […]

E For Arsenal

Arse_or_Brain writes; It is fitting with all the talk of players turning up for big games that Steww and Andy have produced some excellent pieces in the last two days, in fact in a difficult season all the writers this year have been fantastic bringing their own particular expertise to look at the issues from […]

Arsenal: Never look backwards

Good morning Positive fans (and friends), Every one of you saw the game. Every one of you was delighted to see us take hold of the initiative from the opening moments of the game and barely relinquish that vice like grip until the 94 minute. There was no trace of nerves. There was no inkling […]