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“So what’s the blog about this week then Dad?” “Well love, as I’ve told you many times, it’s an Arsenal blog. You know, about the football team, Arsenal.” “Yeah but that doesn’t usually stop you, remember when your team were playing Sunderland and you wrote about a family holiday and how you ended up driving […]

Arsenal Through The Ages

Wiziwig suffered a DDOS attack the other night. There’s a sentence I couldn’t have predicted I’d be writing when, as a boy, I  used to wait up, yawning, for Match Of The Day to come on, wondering whether Arsenal would feature or not. In fact when I was much younger I didn’t wait up at […]

Arsenal Win At A Canter.

“Leo Santos ‏@_LS87_ 15m If Man Utd had given that performance ITV’s keywords would be ‘patient’, ‘composed’, ‘professional’, ‘untroubled’, ‘comfortable’.” There you have it.That’s how the game should have been described, but the 3 stooges on ITV  (Wright,Dixon and Keane)  just talked absolute bollocks . The usual shit about big tests and Giroud getting injured. […]

So How Well Are Arsenal Actually Doing?

Right, that’s the suits sorted. I got a chance to talk to Arsene Wenger immediately after the most recent AFC Shareholders’ meeting in October.  At the time he felt the club still needed to work harder.  That was his comment in response to my fulfilling a long harboured desire to simply shake his hand and […]

This Is My Arsenal

Today a guest post from Georgaki-Pyrovolitis, and good stuff it is too.  Enjoy. The Beginning Norman Newson was always a nuisance.  His first mistake was to snatch my ice cream one pleasant, warm, late spring evening.  He then ran off and climbed a ladder propped up against his house, all the way to the top […]

The New Arsenal

How does this grab you boys and girls? 1 Arsenal 12 9 1 2 24 10 14 28 2 Liverpool 12 7 3 2 24 13 11 24 3 Chelsea 12 7 3 2 21 10 11 24 4 Southampton 12 6 4 2 15 7 8 22 5 Everton 12 5 6 1 17 […]


When I last visited Southampton it was to play at a venue called the Brook. It’s a cracking place both to perform and to see a band and an easy drive for me and it made me think rather warmly of the place. This of course put me in a minority among my peers. The […]