The Sanchez Catastophe: Oh Dear, Oh Dear, Ozil

Surely no smiling matter, Alexis? The false dawn of the West Ham result has proven to be a particularly bitter pill to swallow. That game was a convincingly dominant, effective and exciting performance and one we all believed would surely herald the start of our traditional end of season run-in that would see us stake […]

Facts, Damn Facts And Statistics

Yesterday on PA Shottagunner posted a great thought provoking piece looking at some of the numbers behind Arsenal’s current achievements and also the tepid, if not a little wayward, response by the media to it. Although a tad ‘stat-lite’ compared to his recent other excellent pieces, upon reading it I felt 98.8% of readers would, like me, […]

Atkinson 1 – 4 Arsenal – But Let’s Not Mention The Ref

A turnip in black. “The referee’s incompetence has done the home side no favours here having simply provoked The Arsenal into administering a punitive thrashing” Or so I wrote on Twitter at about the 1-3 point of yesterday’s trip to the North East.  It was probably one of my more sensible remarks on a day […]

It Was 1-0 To The Arsenal And That Is Never Wrong

Today’s article is from our very own Gf60 Neither offside nor handball as clearly shown by this image, courtesy of Andy Nic chose a very good weekend to visit the D Day memorial in Normandy. Even his cultured prose would have had problems with this game.  As Steww mentioned in his preview regarding fans’ […]

Football – It’s A New Dawn, It’s A New Game

A few years ago it was a relatively straightforward matter to feel depressed about the state of The World’s Favourite Game. For a start, it seemed there was little that was beautiful about it any more, either on the field or off it. Imagined or otherwise, it felt as though the richest clubs were getting […]

West Ham v Arsenal: A Prize-Less Draw

West Ham v Arsenal: A Prize-Less Draw

  Honours even, it’s Boleyn over and out A gripping, fast-paced and compelling derby ended in frustrating stalemate for both teams and their fans, with possibly the visitors feeling the dropped two points more keenly than the home side.  Having been 0-2 up on the brink of half-time, Arsenal found themselves three-two down within minutes […]

Remember Who You Are

Upon waking on Saturday morning, and after a tough week at work, I did what all sensible, mature 50-something male adults do at that time and reached for my computer and started to feverishly tap tap tap away at the controls (or ‘keyboard’) to bring up the app for my favourite fantasy. I’ve been playing […]