Arsenal Taking Goals To Newcastle

A nostalgic look back, no wait – back to our away-winning ways with Unai Emery by @ArsenalAndrew Once upon a time, any action that could be likened to “taking coal to Newcastle” was the sign of a needlessly pointless activity. That Arsenal scored two goals and, for the first time in a year, earned maximum […]

Arsenal: Going To Newcastle With Lock Pickers

Today’s lock-picking contributor is @labogoon Newcastle have endured a grim start to this season, and sit in the bottom three with just one point to show for their efforts; hopefully Arsenal will add to their misery as we visit Tyneside this afternoon. Good day one and all … With a better start to the Premier […]

The Sanchez Catastophe: Oh Dear, Oh Dear, Ozil

Surely no smiling matter, Alexis? The false dawn of the West Ham result has proven to be a particularly bitter pill to swallow. That game was a convincingly dominant, effective and exciting performance and one we all believed would surely herald the start of our traditional end of season run-in that would see us stake […]

Facts, Damn Facts And Statistics

Yesterday on PA Shottagunner posted a great thought provoking piece looking at some of the numbers behind Arsenal’s current achievements and also the tepid, if not a little wayward, response by the media to it. Although a tad ‘stat-lite’ compared to his recent other excellent pieces, upon reading it I felt 98.8% of readers would, like me, […]

Atkinson 1 – 4 Arsenal – But Let’s Not Mention The Ref

A turnip in black. “The referee’s incompetence has done the home side no favours here having simply provoked The Arsenal into administering a punitive thrashing” Or so I wrote on Twitter at about the 1-3 point of yesterday’s trip to the North East.  It was probably one of my more sensible remarks on a day […]

It Was 1-0 To The Arsenal And That Is Never Wrong

Today’s article is from our very own Gf60 Neither offside nor handball as clearly shown by this image, courtesy of Andy Nic chose a very good weekend to visit the D Day memorial in Normandy. Even his cultured prose would have had problems with this game.  As Steww mentioned in his preview regarding fans’ […]

Football – It’s A New Dawn, It’s A New Game

A few years ago it was a relatively straightforward matter to feel depressed about the state of The World’s Favourite Game. For a start, it seemed there was little that was beautiful about it any more, either on the field or off it. Imagined or otherwise, it felt as though the richest clubs were getting […]