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Arsenal: Who Will Replace Santi Cazorla?

As Santi Cazorla this past week, once again, went under the knife to fix a relapse in his achilles injury, any  remaining  Gooner hopes of a late season title challenge were crushed. In contrast, Chelsea’s fortunes soared on Saturday with another seemingly routine win over Swansea. To be honest they could have been on the […]

Arsenal: Sutton Unbuttoned

Good Morning Positives, An interesting evening at Gander Green Lane. The expected result and, on reflection, an evening that I probably should have expected. The non Leaguers came on in the same old way, and with our superior firepower we despatched them in the same old way. Twas it (almost) ever thus when a very […]

Arsenal Versus Sutton: Black Magic

The way the match started took us by surprise. We exchanged a look which spoke volumes. It was one of those moments for which the footballing book of clichés was conceived. The home side kicked off, a long ball forward, three runners breaking from midfield, bewilderment and confusion shaking the visitor’s defence, a leg outstretched […]

Scorn and Contempt For The Arsenal

The shock of going down to Bayern by 4 goals last Wednesday is a loss that many Gooners are still trying to come to terms. None of this grieving is helped by the sensationalist mainstream media and the army of trolls from other clubs who are doing their best to pour scorn and contempt on […]

Arsenal: Battered in Bavaria

Good morning Positive Arsenal fans, I apologise for the late running of the service this morning as I have been out in the fresh air and the sunshine, clearing the tubes and clearing the mind before a day shaping the world to my preferred design. Of last night’s game a formidable disappointment and the almost […]

Arsenal Versus Bayern: Be A Lady Tonight

Ever since Mills explained to us all how the concept of luck is one we ought to abandon I have attempted to remove it from the arsenal of verbiage which I bring to bear on these pages. The problem I’ve discovered is, as with all proscribed words, one simply finds new ways to say the […]

Adultery: An Arsenal Love Story

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and love is in the air. Apparently approximately 150 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged annually, making the second most popular card-sending holiday after Christmas. Woooosahhhhh! In the spirit of the season I must admit my current romance with Arsenal Football Club. I eat, drink and blog it. But […]

Arsenal Hand(le) Hull

Andy Nic. is on his jollies so its fallen upon me to serve up a slice of positively today…………………Cheers for that Andy. Let’s start with the easy bit, shall we? Three points and a clean sheet. Err, mmm, err …………… oh yes, and The Ox played really well. I felt that when we were handed the […]

Arsenal Versus Hull: It’s Good To Talk

  Dear Stew, Like you I am an Arsenal fan, unlike you I’m really pessimistic about the team and its prospects this season and for as many seasons as I can remember. It confuses me how you remain so positive given our palpable lack of success and the vanishingly small likelihood we will fulfil our […]

Let’s Step Back To Go Forward ?

  Well, lets discuss the future of Arsenal, by future I mean next season. Let us say Wenger goes, we replace him with anyone from Max Allegri (we can all stay being AKB’s, oh what a conundrum for the WOB,), to little old Eddie Howe (not a chance in the world, unless its designed so […]