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Here We Are

Not much to feel great about as an AFC supporter, that is if you allow an Arsenal win or loss to dictate your emotions and well being. But what if you don’t?  Very quickly we could be either 6th or 2nd, and what does that say about this years league? Perhaps during this time its […]

Even Tottenham Is As Good As Arsenal

Watching the foul against Bellerin in the 13th minute of Saturday’s match against Chelsea, my initial reaction was surely Atkinson, seeing it in real time, must have gotten it right; after all he is the senior FIFA ref in the PGMO. That was until I saw the young man crumpled on the turf oblivious to […]

Arsenal: Ambition Undone

Good morning Positivistas, And what a long time a week is in football ? Of yesterday’s game, yesterday’s defeat for let us not pussy-foot about, I think it was the most comprehensive we have suffered for a long while against domestic competition. Of course we have lost games against PL opponents this season and last […]

Arsenal Versus Chelsea: Avoidance Strategy

So we go again. As the old cliché has it having fallen from a bicycle the best thing to do is leap back into the saddle and start pedalling. I’ve always taken a different approach where cycling mishap is concerned preferring to fling the painful contraption into the shed and sulk for a couple of […]

Arsenal: The Abandoned Orphan of Defeat

Good Morning Positive Arsenal fans, Or at least any of you with the energy to raise your head from the pillow and toward the internet after being kept awake by the squalling brat of defeat dumped on our collective footballing doorstep after 13 minutes last night. The nameless little bundle of noise and dribbling misery […]