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Arteta And Arsenal Are Getting Better

Hello everyone. How are you? Today in the podcast Shotta and me discuss what I think was a decent performance against a team that tried everything to stop a game of football breaking out. I defend Arteta, Odegaard, Aubameyang and I’m about as cheerful as I have been for years about the direction we are […]

How Bad Really Was Anfield?

Hello all. The dust has settled and emotions are not running so high now following our sober spanking at Anfield. That we lost up there is no surprise and certainly nothing new. We have gone up their with better teams, better managers and in better form and come away with our tails between our legs. […]

We Go To Anfield With Some Hope.

Good morning one and all. It’s been a while, how are yaaaa? The Arsenal make the trip up the M6 to Anfield with our fan base brim full of confidence that not having lost since game day 3 has bestowed upon them. There is a genuine feeling that a corner has been turned and the […]

The Season So Far.

Hello all. Here is the latest guff from Shotta and I with a difference, we have the insightful young lady Byso with her matching hair and Arsenal top, it’s worth a watch for this alone, although I can’t say the same about my miserable face and incoherent ramblings. Let us know what you make of […]

No More Mr. Nice guy from The Arsenal.

Hello all. Here is the latest Youtube from Shotta amd I. Arteta and the lads get full credit for fighting fire with fire. Blackburn George.

Hornets Wont Sting Arsenal

Gooday all. Here is the preview of the game that we both think Arsenal will win. Shotta sees a close encounter and I see a comfortable win. Blackburn George.

Brilliant Ramsdale Masks Reality.

Arsenal defeated a very good Leicester team 2-nil on Saturday. Ramsdale deserves high praise for making 8 saves including at least two worldies. Arteta gets credit for putting out a team that was high energy, high press for the first 18 minutes. But the record shows for the next 70 plus minutes Arsenal were outplayed […]