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A manager is a guide

A manager is a guide

Morning Positivistas, or for those of you taking in the blog elsewhere in the world or later in the day good afternoon, evening etc. I am coming into the morning with a greater serenity than yesterday, the job “done”, the adrenaline subsided, the tools required for this supporting malarkey cleaned and stored in the shed […]

Arsenal Versus Aston Villa: History Beckons

I didn’t bother going out for my usual ride yesterday. The west of England was suffocated under a bleak grey cloud. An unseasonably cold wind drove the rain remorselessly down deserted streets and across the sodden green fields. The mountain bike remained in the shed and I remained in front of my computer intending to […]

The League Table Doesn’t Lie

By: Shotta, @shotta_gooner  Sports journalism is renowned for clichés that are repeated ad hominem by its practitioners as a substitute for substantive analysis.  It is my observation that that these rhetorical tricks are successfully used because they contain an element of truth which is undeniable. But, more times than not, the assorted hacks and pundits […]

Arsenal Sign Off With Aplomb

A guest post from @foreverheady So now it’s over. Another league season done and dusted, and one which after promising so much back in August, looked as if it was going to end with a bit of a tired whimper until Jack and Theo decided differently. Saturday, August 16th seems a long time ago now: […]

Arsenal Versus West Brom: The Final Curtain

I was driving down the A367 yesterday afternoon on the way to a garden centre. A part of the ancient Fosse Way, the A367 once rang to the hob nailed Caligae of the Roman Legions but nowadays is home to a series of pedestrian crossings and a seemingly unending sequence of roadworks. In short it’s […]

Do You Want Arsenal To Win For You Or Them ?

Sometimes I wonder why I bother with this site. What  porpose does it have? I have written dozens of articles and said nothing new, original or educational. The regulars in the comments section , on the whole, know more about football and Arsenal than I do. I cant write like any of the other authors […]

Sunderland Was Not A Bad Performance !

A guest post from Double Canister. Sunderland came and earned the point that makes them safe, Arsenal, despite numerous efforts to do more, managed to earn the point that should deliver 3rd place – leaving any chance of closing in on City for second place impossible now on the final day of the season. Wenger […]

Arsenal Versus Sunderland: Missing The Point

What a different Arsenal team this is from the one which faced Sunderland all those weeks ago. Months ago in fact. I don’t know if your memory stretches all the way back to October when we last played the Black Cats but I had to go and look up the game to remember it – […]

More Advise For Arsenal

By: Shotta, @shotta_gooner Bloody hell. “Arsenal’s transfer policy has been too weak – they need to get ruthless” was the headline in a recent edition of The Daily Telegraph, supposedly one of England’s last remaining “respectable” broadsheets. From the get-go it seems the newspaper and their hack had lost sight of their role as impartial […]

Third Place Reeled In

Morning Positive people and it is raining heavily in Norfolk this Monday morning. Despite that damp start to the week a satisfactory footballing start to the week with our CL qualification to the group stages all but* confirmed by Mr Dean’s final whistle and two games to scrape the point that will place our name […]