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Arsenal Versus Southampton: Wither Young Yaya?

I probably don’t need to tell you what happened the last time we played Southampton in this competition. What did surprise me however was to discover that the match took place more than two years ago. I believe this is a common problem as one gets older, the memory plays tricks and our understanding of […]

Arsenal – Fluent Finishing

Bwayne Errz Dee Arse Positivistas*, A fine morning up in Norfolk to start the week as we move into the final days of November. Not such a bad few weeks was it? Not all we wanted so far as points or performances go, and a couple of injuries that cast a bit of a pall, […]

Arsenal Versus Bournemouth: Juggling and Balance

So it’s nearly over. The colonists have celebrated their annual feast of thankfulness and the retail addicts have fought in the car park of the shopping mall. The dreaded dark month of November of which many were, just a few short weeks ago, so scared, has nearly passed.  The disastrous run of unbeaten games which […]

Arsenal – We sail on toward the Old Port

Good morning Positivistas, A fair night’s football I think all round. PSG area good quality football team with some excellent players and to split the points with them over two contests is probably what we would have accepted when the group was drawn, “par for the course”. A degree of frustration on my part last […]

Arsenal Versus Paris St Germain: Get Orf Moi Land

I was listening to BBC Somerset on the car radio yesterday. Not proud of it, obviously, but Radio 4 had decided to lead with Nigel Farage and I didn’t want him in the Hyundai with me so had switched channels in haste. They were interviewing some poor beleaguered soul from the Environment Agency or National […]

No Cry Babies Needed At Arsenal

There is a cry-baby culture developing in the wider society that seems to have pervaded the supporters of our great football club, at least among those who frequent Arsenal-twitter. On a societal level, very recently we have had the pathetic,  hilarious spectacle of colleges and universities in my country (the good old USA) setting up […]

Aaron Ramsey! He Is Great.

  This post is from Kelly, I have stolen it from the comments section and without permission I’m publishing it as a blog. Because its bloody perfect I am so fucking sick of Aaron getting blamed for every goddamned thing that goes wrong with this team. No one gets as much stick as he does. […]