Aaron Ramsey! He Is Great.


This post is from Kelly, I have stolen it from the comments section and without permission I’m publishing it as a blog. Because its bloody perfect

I am so fucking sick of Aaron getting blamed for every goddamned thing that goes wrong with this team. No one gets as much stick as he does. Not Giroud, not Theo, not anybody. Certainly not Alexis or Mesut. For the last two seasons now, he’s done nothing but plug holes. People bitch about him saying he doesn’t like playing on the right. Well excuse him for wanting to play where he feels like he does his best. Such a horrible trait to want to do the thing in your job that you feel you have the most success at. And what does he get when he does play outside central midfield? Support? Encouragement? Thanks for doing your level best at a job you’re not particularly comfortable in? Hell no. He gets blame and grief and called shit and identified as the “what’s wrong” every goddamned time.

And let’s talk about yesterday. The first 90 minutes he’s played in the league, and only the 2nd 90 minutes he’s played at all since fucking July. And he gets to play it wide left; a position he hasn’t occupied since I can’t remember when. Because Aaron can do it. Do you stick Coquelin out there? Elneny? No. Aaron is always the choice. Because he’s smart enough and he’s good enough and he’s versatile enough, and he’s willing (or at least he’ll give it everything he has, even if he doesn’t really want to do it). Everyone acknowledges that it takes time to build up match fitness. But I don’t think people always remember that it takes time to get your brain back up to match speed as well. Try doing that while not relying on your instincts to guide you while you play in your preferred position, but instead while looking at the game from a perspective you haven’t seen in a really long time. And here, Aaron, help Nacho deal with Valencia too while you’re at it. And also, score, you know, or else everyone will say you’re shit.

I’m really happy that Olivier does well when he comes on as a sub. I love it for him, and I love when he scores and gets to throw it in the face of people who doubt him. But he always, ALWAYS, gets to do that from the position of striker – his preferred position where he is comfortable and where his instincts take over. Aaron never gets that opportunity anymore. I can’t imagine how disappointed he must have been to come back from the Euros having accomplished everything he wanted to, and more, only to get injured and then left behind as the train pulled out of the station and the team gelled without him in it. That’s football, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t suck.

To the point  about the reason he gets full on attack mode: I think  the WOB hate him( but not just because of the FA Cup,scoring the winner derailed their campane big time), it’s because to them, he is the lightning rod Wenger player. No matter what people say, Arsene trusts him, and he plays him whenever he can, and they hate Aaron for that. I don’t know what they will do for a lightning rod if he leaves before Arsene does. Which he very well may do. And if he does, I won’t blame him one bit.

And before someone accuses me of blaming Arsene, I’m not. Arsene does what is best for the team – that is what he has to do. He believes in Aaron, I know that he does. But if Aaron cannot thrive in the structure of this team, then I don’t think he should be expected to be subservient to the needs of the team forever. He has the right to think about himself as he comes into the prime of his career. I just hope Arsene finds a way, because it would be a damned shame to lose him now.



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57 comments on “Aaron Ramsey! He Is Great.

  1. Cazorla played at 10 in that match at Liverpool in his first season.
    He’d play LF as well at that time.

    By the time he was winning MOTM plaudits as a midfield general against City he’d made the move to CM, with Ramsey ahead (Ozil was out). Last season AW admitted a mistake in playing SC wide in the opener against West Ham. I’m not sure he can play at ten at this time either, AFC have had very mobile attacking tens when they can in recent times.

    Rambo will play wider at times, as befitting the younger player. Those are the breaks. No doubt Cazorla would’ve wanted to play centre for most of his earlier career but managers like Pellegrini and Vengarrgggghhh, they know their stuff. If Iniesta can play wide without grumbling, then so can the rest of them.

    The 4-1 demolition of Liverpool? That memorable performance against Napoli? Rambo started RM.

    People writing that Rambo has a long face and can’t play wide midfield, the same see you next tuesdays who were earnestly “worried” about Chamberlain (great stats for a squad player so far this season!) are gibbering and rupturing out of their Arsenal holes, pardon me.

    Different day. Same old gr*t.


  2. I saw an eager Rambo play against Tottenham and Man Utd. Not at his best, not match fit, just like Jenko. To imply either were “sulking” is where we are at with Arsenal on the internet – a similar place to that which we witnessed before the ‘mass protest’ last year – an echo chamber for the insincere.


  3. Monreal. No questions about him from my dingy little corner of the world.


  4. In fact I can’t think of a LB in the league that I’d swap him for.


  5. Hmm – Spain are quite good though, not like England

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  6. Right new post up from Shotta


    For those with a) a social conscience b) an axe to grind or c) of a nervous disposition – please feel free to ignore the opening three paragraphs and go straight on to the bit about football

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  7. They’re saying he’s sulking, now, Fins?! For fucksake. Aaron doesn’t know how to sulk. Let me at those bastards…

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