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Arsenal -“Hope Springs Exulting on Triumphant Wing.”

Good morning to you from Norfolk on Saint Andrew’s Day. There may be dancing in the streets later on. Thus far not.   I do not intend to write much about yesterday’s game at Carrow Road. It was not a game that inspired the muse, well my muse anyway. On the day a point was […]

Arsenal Versus Norwich: Bouncing Back, Rolling Forwards

There was an interesting debate on the subject of dumb luck this week on PA. I think we all learned something. I for one now accept that when I say we as Arsenal fans were phenomenally lucky to have seen Arsène Wenger arrive at Highbury all those years ago, his arrival actually came about as […]

Arsenal Shine with Goals Divine

Positivistas Ho, A little glow of satisfaction this morning I am sure warming us as we go about our daily chores as a result of last night’s events. I admit after Saturday’s disappointment and bad luck at the Hawthorns I was a little worried we would take the field under a cloud and take time […]

Arsenal Versus Zagreb: Holding Out For A Hero

Zagreb then is it? I wonder if our fortunes will be reversed from earlier in the season when our league form was scintillating and our European scorelines so disappointing. I suspect not. Life seldom runs on such neat and predictable lines. People are glibly, or airily if you prefer, predicting that the return of some […]

Arsenal – Sandwell Surprise

Good morning Afternoon Positivistas, though only just.   A mood of fear was abroad among the Baggies fans on the way to the game, anticipating a bit of a drubbing. “Best football team we played last season” was muttered, through clenched teeth as they thought back to their demolition at the Ems last May. Greying […]

Arsenal Versus West Brom: Bridging The Gap

That was the most enjoyable international break I’ve ever known. Like the Arsenal players I had been feeling a little jaundiced after a frantic start to the season. I was ready for a rest, a change of pace and a diversion from the usual routine. The Dreaded Break coincided with the November writing marathon that […]

Arsenal – Fragments From France

    Good Morning Positive Arsenal fans,   A shockingly sparse landscape as far as Arsenal related stories, real or fabricated. These past few days with events in Paris on Friday night, and the aftermath, still the main focus of both the real news as well as football headlines. I was surprised to see the […]