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Arsenal Well Set Halfway Into The Transfer Window

Some background Apparently sitting around at home watching a lot of football has convinced many Arsenal fans they are experts at management, coaching, scouting, contract negotiations, commercial deals and, last but by no means least, the proper color of the team kit. As some of my British friends have commented, it is similar to the […]

Alexis Sanchez: A Classic Case of Fake News

Whither Alexis Sanchez at Arsenal Football Club? The way the media has spun this story since last May, not surprisingly, those who are most prone to their deceptions and fakeries, must be feeling like John Denver in “Leaving on a jet plane”: “All my bags are packed I’m ready to go I’m standin’ here outside […]

Arsenal: I’m singing the Bird’s Nest Blues

For a friendly I thought that was a decent game. Fair play to the RentBoys who deserved their win. 3-0 was a bit hard to take but we were regularly cut open during the first half, before they scored, and only poor finishing allowed it to stay at 0-0 as long as it did. We […]

In Love With The Arsenal

(This blog is partially inspired by the 160,000+ Australian fans who showed their love for The Arsenal over two games in Sydney this past week. True love is based on shared values.) Believe it or not football fans, July 1st is the official start of the new football year, at least in Europe. As of […]

Arsenal: Are you ready Positives ?

Gf60 writes: With our season about to start later this week I’m sure that many remember moaning and groaning about some of our starts to previous seasons. Perhaps it would be fun to contemplate our navels for a moment and reflect that back before the war, Manchester City won the championship and were relegated the […]

Respecting Giroud.

A guest post from Rich @AlternativeArse   Everyone, stop the press.   Our most hated manager has finally dipped way down into those deep, deep pockets, battled past the moth hordes and opened the war chest of squillions to purchase a player who is going to win us, well, everything.  It’s bold move, a real statement […]

Lucky, Lucky, Wenger

Wenger has never had a plan, got lucky with the back 4 and keeper when he joined, hadn’t they set a clean sheet record the season before? He got lucky that he knew the French market and no one else wanted any of the players from France, like PV4 from AC Milan, like Henry from […]