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Terry Neill. Arsenal player and manager.

With the recent death of Terry Neill (1942-2022), another part of The Arsenal becomes history. Many who have a presence on the internet probably don’t know him, or if they did he might not have meant as much as he did to those of us who witnessed those years? And that’s fair enough. Carrie Fisher […]

Christmas In July For Arsenal?

Christmas In July For Arsenal?

Hey Positives, George is away and he tasked me to share with you the latest Positively-Uncensored podcast. Am very pleased we had our very own “Heady” as a special guest. He was his usual measured, optimistic self, as we discussed with ex-scout Ehab the explosive debut of Gabriel Jesus in helping the Gunners overcome a […]

Arsenal,Kings Of Tanking Player Values

Good day folks, In this podcast we look at the huge gulf between what we have to pay and what we get for players after we tank their value. Pedantic George