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Arteta Must Give A Return On Investment.

Hello Positives. In this podcast there are 4 us us talking rubbish instead of the normal 2. I put up my best defence for “the process” and keeping Arteta, although I was hardly convincing. Pedantic George.

Burnley Performance Was Predictable.

Hello All. In this latest podcast we look back at the disappointment of the Burnley performance and result and conclude it was entirely predictable as it’s the norn. The outliers of Sunderland and Norwich had us fooled, but the play we have seen for more or less the last 2 years was back, as it […]

Liverpool Expose The Huge Gap.

Hello any positive gooners that are left. In this podcast Shotta and I chat about our cup exit and look at the gap between us, them and Chelsea, never mind the gap to City. Optimism flickered for a while but it’s fading as quickly as it appeared. We are back to paint by numbers football […]

Kroenke Brings Stability To Arsenal

Football’s link to money has been well-documented. From highly paid players to mega-money buyouts, our beloved sport has become more about business than ever before. While there are indeed many success stories for risk takers in both business and football, it is often a measured approach made by the most successful people. Perhaps it’s worth […]

No Win in 3 But Spirits Remain High.

Hello all. In this podcast we look back at the Liverpool game and briefly at Forest. Then we have the terminally boring Xhaka debate/debacle. I conclude that despite our recent setbacks we should continue to be hopeful, although with many reservations. Pedantic George,

Granit Xhaka, Icon or Idiot?

Hello all, On this podcast 3 of us try to understand the outrageous differences in opinions on our former captain. For some, like me, he’s our most important player and the heartbeat of the team, while to others he is the worst midfielder in living memory. I can accept that there should be scope to […]

10 man Arsenal lose to 13 man City

Happy new year you wonderful people. In our first podcast of the year we look at the robbery against City. Surprisingly upbeat given we lost. Let us know what you think in the comments and tell us what improvements could be made. And don’t say “you stop going on it”. Pedantic George