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Arsenal Needs………. Say Those Who Don’t Know !

A guest post from  shottagunna  ( @shotta_gooner ) By now we are all familiar with the recent punditry of Thierry Henry, when, from the comfort of his perch at Sky Sports, he declared that for Arsenal to win the league again “I think they need to buy four players – they need that spine. They […]

Two Top Teams

Good morning Positivistas and a glowing Summer morning up here in Norfolk. A fine game yesterday between what the succession of televised games over the weekend showed were clearly the two superior footballing sides in the EPL at the present time. Both demonstrated a quality of football and of purpose that the Citehs, Yooniteds, and […]

Arsenal Versus Chelsea: Barbarians At The Gate

When all this started for me it was Leeds. The devil, incarnate in eleven all white outfits. Then, for a while, it wasn’t really anybody. Or rather it was everyone and it was no one. It became Liverpool in the eighties and more recently it was Man United. Now it is Chelsea. Of all of […]

Arsenal Are Moving On Up.

I made the mistake of listening to Talk Sport radio immediately after the Liverpool – Villa game last night. It was full of irate scousers demanding that Rogers is sacked. This is the same man that took their team within a Gerrard slip of winning the PL last  season. Now I know their stars aligned […]

Boring Boring Arsenal – Yeah Right.

So there we have it, Arsenal are in the final of the FA cup. Again. OK. not the most scintillating performance , but not half as bad as people like to say. Quite how a team with 71% possession , twice as many efforts on goal, while committing half the number of fouls and hitting […]

Underdogs muzzled, a Final earned.

Good morning Postivitas and another fine Sunday to be an Arsenal supporter. A worthy Cup semi final and thoroughly enjoyable, although at times there was anxiety and the occasional squirm of discomfort in the lower intestine. The general expectation was that Reading would be well organised and resolute, and we would have a battle to […]

Arsenal Versus Reading: Time To Dunk The Biscuitmen

Bill Oddie Bill Oddie, Rub your beard all over my body, Geoff Bailey Geoff Bailey, Rub your beard all over me daily. I wonder if we’ll get a replay of last year’s FA Cup semi final. I watched it again as a part of my preparation for Saturday afternoon and it was a real nail […]


Good morning Positivistas and a bright and breezy start to the day in Norfolk. The detritus of cans and empty bottles around the premises reminds me it was a good night. I have a slight haze and a strange recollection of a heated argument about the Queen. It will pass. I have perused the media […]

Arsenal Versus Burnley: Arsène Versus The Reptiles

Like many of us I was deeply saddened to wake yesterday to the news of the death of Richie Benaud. Sport lost another of the good guys and in the world of sports media that leaves a very short list indeed. Among the tributes being paid many people, myself included, shared Richie’s tips for commentators, […]

Sell Wilshere And Buy ……….

Twitter is basically a forum for idle gossip, unsubstantiated speculation and general nonsense. I spend a lot of time on there doing just those things and make no apologies for it. Its fun. it gives me an idea of what people think, expect and how little thought many people put into forming their opinions. Yesterday […]