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Arsenal’s Giant Hole In Midfield

Yesterday’s horror show at Anfield has brought out all the usual media clichés, memes and tropes about Arsenal Football Club. No fight, no leadership, no spirit, no heart, etc. As readers are familiar, conventional ideas based on feelings and opinions have no appeal to me. There is need to identify the real objective reasons for […]

Arsenal – A sour afternoon

  Good Evening any Positive fans out there, I am not man to spend an entire evening crouching behind the sofa so I thought I’d get straight to the post-match review, cauterise the wound with trite expression, lance the boil with the balm of language, suck deep on the f****** lemon of defeat. Please help […]

Liverpool – A Six-Pointer?

Sadly for 90 minutes we will be distracted from our jobs of management, transfers and coaching today, and we will have to watch a game of football. This game couldn’t come at a worse time for those of us that are busy running the club in our own image. But still, we should at least […]

Arsenal Will Compete For The Title: The Contrarian View

This blog was written 24 hours before Arsenal’s loss to Stoke. Everything football and media-wise from that game reinforces my findings and conclusions. Positivistas: This is not a blog about me per se but am using my experience to explain to our audience the meaning of a contrarian world view and how it applies to […]

Arsenal – Medium/Rare

Good morning + people, Well the six game winning streak came to an end yesterday evening as we all saw, the defeat more of a breathy whimper on our part than the blood soaked orgy of violence that I have come to expect at the Britannia. As recently as the 13th May we had thumped […]

Arsenal v ………….That Lot.

A guest contributor who shall remain nameless    Well, match day two, and we are off to the sunny climes of Stoke, and Joke City ( “two Orcs for every Gun” as them old surfers Jean and Dan sang). Yes, its already their Cup Final! In fact rumour has it that even if the Jokers […]

Arsenal Play Contract Poker

  Today we have a guest post from @foreverheady You’ve got to know when to hold ’em  Know when to fold ’em  Know when to walk away  And know when to run… I don’t know much about Contract Law, and like most people have no idea about the details of anyone’s exact terms of employment. […]