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Jesus Done, Who’s Next ?

Hello all, Today we look at the Jesus transfer, who might be next and how it will affect our existing players, team set up and all that stuff. Pedantic George.

Kroenke Transfer Spends To rescue Arsenal

Hello one and all, In this podcast we take a quick look at our two new signings, which quickly descends into a discussion about how Arsenal are able to spend big money that they don’t have. The answer is we are spending Kroenke’s money. Pedantic George.

Will Arsenals Best Eleven Be Better?

Lets just for a moment assume we actually sign all the main players the ITK journos like Ornstein say we are after, and we end up bringing in TurnerMartinezHickeyTielemansVieiraRaphinhaMarquinhosJesus Have I missed out on anyone? So that lot has a goalie, a CB, a left back, a couple of midfielders, 3 attackers, and of course […]

Jesus, Real or What ? No Not God’s lad!

Morning all. Just out of hospital and got to a suitable laptop, so I’m late to this party. Anyway, here is the wonderful Byso, doing her best not to get herded into the answers Shotta is angling for. Just my luck, I get benched and my replacement is better than me. Pedantic George

Most Important Window EVER?

In this podcast we look at which transfers we have got right in the last 2 years and muse on what we need going forward. I believe this is our most important window in living memory. Pedantic George

Arsenal’s Disappointing Season Discussed.

Hello positives, In this podcast we look at the season gone and the one to come, transfers, plans, processes and all that stuff. Pedantic George.