Jesus, Real or What ? No Not God’s lad!

Morning all.

Just out of hospital and got to a suitable laptop, so I’m late to this party.

Anyway, here is the wonderful Byso, doing her best not to get herded into the answers Shotta is angling for. Just my luck, I get benched and my replacement is better than me.

Pedantic George

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  1. George latest stay in hospital must have been for brain surgery. To think anyone can herd Byso into an answer other than her own. He has lost it.


  2. Get well soon George.

    Do more soon, Byso.



  3. It would be a silly idea to get Jesus if you ask me.

    Especially if you keep Eddie\ Marinelli who are similar players to him and didn’t Eddie have better numbers this season or similar.

    Then what about developing Balogun? (oh i forgot, arteta does not do development – definition of a poor mans check book manager).

    I have never seen Jesus as prolific never.
    He is a good player and can contribute to a good squad or team but I don’t see him as being prolific.
    Need some variation in the front players and Jesus is too similar to all our forwards at the moment.
    If we got him then we would have to get rid of one our forwards(pay some club to give them game time) and also pay Jesus heavy weekly wage.
    See no benefit in the transfer at this point in time.

    What we need is to balance the squad out more and not having so many defensive minded players in our squad and putting our attackers in straight jackets.

    We have had some good youth prospects that have not made the team in recent yrs and can see the trend continuing because of the obsession to spend money on substandard players (who was cedric better than? who was Partey better than?Ramsdale better than Marinez? Gabriel does not give me Kolo Toure vibes never mind Sol Cambell), rather than seeing if we can develop what we got and adding that extra special player\players that lifts the whole team.

    £250 million pound (and the rest) on players versus the squad that Wenger left.

    Remember that Chelsea and Man City both spent in excess of a Billion to be better than us and rob our player at the same time or employ our ex players and beat us in the transfer market to our targets. So now how much have we to spend to overtake them?

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  4. Some reports suggesting we may sign a chap called Vieira
    No pressure on him if we do


  5. Get well soon George,
    I’m not sure if this podcast will make George feel better as Byso was excellent.
    Her analogies and similies were brilliant especially the plane stacking one.
    I needed to make the point about the racist, Nazi loving media outlet the daily mail no one should go anywhere near it even for football.
    I thought it was important which is why I tweeted it straight away.
    I see Sky are saying Jesus wants to join us which I would of thought was one of the problems in completing the deal. I really don’t understand why a player who has regularly enjoyed CL football, is still young and would have to take a paycut would be happy to come to us at this present time.


  6. Yeah big up Byso, some excellent points being made with good reasoning and logics.
    Get well soon George


  7. He’s 5 foot 7 apparently so the song would be ‘He’s five foot seven tall, he plays for Arese en al’


  8. First friendly v Nürnburg, 8th July ( friendlies go on until 30th July with the last game being the Emeriods Cup v Sevilla.

    First game (A) v Palace, 5th Aug.
    ManUre 3rd Sept (A)
    Spuds (H) 1st Oct
    Livercrutches (H) 8th Oct
    City(H) 18th Oct
    Chelsea (A) 5th Nov
    Wolves (A) 12th Nov ( last game before WC)
    WHam (H) Boxing day
    Spuds (A) 14th Jan
    ManUre (H) 21st Jan
    Livercrutches ( A) 8th April
    WHam (A) 15th April
    City (A) 26th April
    Chelsea (H) 29th April
    Last game 28th May (H) v Wolves


  9. so major transfer reports today, if we are to believe them we are close and even very close to several signings, Vieira from Porto for about £40M, Jesus from Man City for £50M, Hickey from Bologna for £18M and of course we are said to be in discussions for Tielemans from Leicester City for £25M, That little lot would see us spend over £135M, with rumors we want a couple more on top of that.


  10. Any player at Man$ity who says he wants to come to us means that he knows he is not wanted and is desperate to go anywhere.

    Any established player who voluntarily wants to come to us thinks he is in for an easy ride until he tastes Arteta’s straight jacket.

    Anyone who thinks that Arteta, who not only cannot make a silk purse out of a pig’s ear, but is more likely to do the opposite, can make something of Pep’s cast-offs is in my honest opinion too attached to his/her rose-tinted glasses.

    I am reminded of Harry Belafonte’s famous song.


  11. Limited views on Vieira as had never heard of him until today but he seems a classic Arsenal tricksy midfielder who with an ounce of protection might be a player.
    Can’t see Jesus happening as am sure someone will offer him more money, but who knows how well he might do if made to feel special.

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  12. reports that Nketiah has agreed to a new long term contract at Arsenal


  13. seems Vieira is scheduled to have his Arsenal medical in the morning.


  14. £29-40m for a young player who has not played a senior international yet.

    Very lemony.


  15. Oh yes and have we not just sold Guendouzi, a French international for £11m?


  16. Report: Oxford, Plymouth and MK Dons interested in signing Jack Henry-Francis on loan
    by jeorge bird

    Arsenal U23s midfielder Jack Henry-Francis has emerged as a loan target for several League One clubs.

    According to Football League World, Oxford United, Plymouth Argyle and MK Dons are interested in signing the 18-year-old on a temporary basis.

    A tough-tackling midfielder with a good passing range, Henry-Francis still has some improvements to make tactically.

    Henry-Francis, who has been capped by the Republic of Ireland at U19 level, has made 20 appearances for Arsenal U23s.

    The youngster featured for the first-team in pre-season last year and has reportedly been made available for a loan move.


  17. Granit Xhaka’s blast against man utd has won our goal of the season


  18. Excellent stuff a totally realistic assessment of where we are at. I also loved some of the analogies and definitely never read any transfer hype in June unless it is a done deal. It’s not good for your health.


  19. Also the window doesn’t close until September 1st and so still two and a half months to go.
    Porto have just announced the Vieira deal agreed so just personal terms now which is normally already done.


  20. Matt Turner has confirmed that he will complete his move to Arsenal next week


  21. Hibernian have confirmed that Arsenal have exercised their break clause option to recall Harry Clarke. Stoke want to take him on loan


  22. the national crime agency is investigating a betting scandal involving a booking Xhaka picked up last season, in the game v Leeds. Xhaka is not implicated in any way, nor is any other Arsenal player, the report implies that its the ref, Andre Marriner that is being investigated. There was very unusual betting patterns on Xhaka getting booked


  23. David Ornstein
    🚨 Arsenal defensive priority this window is Lisandro Martinez. Wanted for ability to play LCB / LB + 24yo Argentina international said to be keen. Sources indicate ~€30m bid already rejected by #Ajax but #AFC will keep pushing. That & more @TheAthleticUK


  24. I see that Sky are now saying our interest in Tielemens has cooled after the signing of Vieira which I think means we were never really interested in the first place although they do play totally different midfield positions.
    I would of thought a DM would of been more urgent but maybe we will rely on Xhaka, Partey, Elneney and an solid improvements from Azeez, Patino and Sambi.
    It certainly going to be interesting to see not only who else comes in but who is let go or forced out the door.
    While I understand the idea of employing full backs who can cover at CB I think it would be better to go into the season with four specialised CBs so you don’t have to change two of the back four if there are injuries. This is one area we were obviously caught out on last year.


  25. Did the idiot brigade get their own wish?
    A dream come true?
    A club that spends big money on average talent (that has the right agent)? Arteta overplays players to his own and the club’s cost. Hopefully this signing will be used to give Saka a rest early next season after Southgate ignited the club’s request.

    Tis’ a strange business in the nightmarish upside down world amongst the Demagogue-Sanllehi’s & their barking hyenas/hangers on & dribbling PR reps but at least Kate Bush is happy.
    Fans are also just happy to be back in the stadiums. there’s some smarts in keeping the headphones on and humming a tune & enjoying what’s left of the legacy.


  26. Ignored > ignited!

    I was not a fan of the club giving Guendouzi development minutes over other players when he was a raw rookie.
    as Shotta noted back then good but not a phenom ready to hold a PL midfield together but no one could deny the potential he had to be a good midfielder.
    The last signings of the previous people running the club (who had this strange concept of scouts etc.), Martinelli etc. were pretty good, amongst he misses they had hits.

    The singings last summer were better then the previous but somehow who can imagine why the current mob running the club escape the vitriol that hit the club every time they made a signing like a BFG (100 cap German legend when he arrived) for relative peanuts.
    And that must be why they call it the upside down world heh.
    Fingers crossed they get some decent signings and Arteta learns to listen to the physios (crocking his own players by overplaying them is a worrying trend).


  27. Saliba returning will be a bonus if only for a season before he moves on I think he’ll do well in the PL.


  28. I couldn’t for the life of me see why Eddie has resigned for a coach who obviously doesn’t rate him.
    That said now he has I’m absolutely delighted. The next test will be how many minutes will he get if we sign a big name striker.
    Martinez is supposed to be interesting manure and if that is true more money and the chance to link up with his old boss will surely mean we will lose out unless we can do the deal really quickly.
    Sky are now saying that although we have had positive talks with city about Jesus and he is open to coming there are several clubs interested. Well if any of these are CL clubs again we could lose out unless he has his mind set on the PL. If he leaves city I can’t see any of the present top four interested.
    Fins, at the moment only Aaron and Tommy have been anywhere near good signings so last summer’s window, which everyone was saying we won, didn’t really turn out that great as we sit here today. Potentially Tavares and Sambi could be good buys but how long will they sit on the bench before that happens.
    The Eddie contract is real bitter sweet because had we kept some of the other youngsters, given them more game time and allowed the likes of Luiz Hector, Mezut and Auba to teach them the squad would be in a much better place
    When we look at Arsene’s hayday or indeed that of any successful period of any club the squad is grown naturally whereas we have gone from one tangent to another making correct decisions about some players and fucking up with others. You would have to say our policy up to now was stop start.
    As I said to Mandy I do think we will improve next season but still don’t think it will be enough to get top four.


  29. We will certainly improve with more firepower, and very glad to see Eddie signing. Top four, statistically very possible if better this years 69 points, which we should and it will be helped if we can overcome the traditional poor results against your Brightons, Palace, Southamptons, and there is also the Europa League.


  30. Ian, I would also add Odegaard to the successful signings list.


  31. I think Eddie signing a new contract is evidence that he does feel valued and that popular perceptions of what happens between player and manager are misconceived. You can read into these decisions whatever you want to.
    We have got to be stronger with him staying and hopefully with EL he will get more playing time.


  32. Ian I too add Odegaard to the list, given the sums spent on other players & the prospect of silly money on Ceballos etc. I’ll take it!
    Hopefully Arteta’s new Viera is more of a Odegaard then a Suarez but most will have concerns on this new signing. let’s hope those concerns are misplaced yet perhaps it is the former arsenal midfielder at Palace the club should have signed the problem is does he have a portugeezah agent? perhaps it is the other Viera the club should have signed? Upstairs? a penny for the thoughts of Adrian Clarke on that heh.

    I agree on Nketiah.
    perhaps ignoring Nketiah till it was too late was this season’s equivalent of taking the best or only midfielder out of the midfield as the season hits the crunch period? It is interesting how this current mob seem to avoid all critique from the bile puss filled blaggers who spent a decade spewing their hate filled cloud of shite around the club whilst evangelising about their dream come true of a club called Sporting Highbury / Shaktar Arsenal.

    Oh Willian where art thou?


  33. Ian I too have to add Odegaard to the list not because he might go on to briefly in his career hit the levels of the very top players etc but because given the sums spent on other players, the prospect of silly money on a Ceballos or Suarez etc. I’ll take it!

    I agree on Nketiah.
    If Arteta could not see he deserved the minutes ahead of the lumbering wheezing Lacazette (he never stopped wheezing with pashun) or the want away downed tools Aubamayang who spent the first three months of the season walking around the pitch screaming “look upon my lack of work ye mighty and despair” then I don’t know what to say other then speculate on how many points and moolah this dumb call cost the club.


  34. now lets just for a moment assume we actually sign all the main players the ITK journos like Ornstein say we are after, and we end up bringing in


    have I missed out on anyone

    right that lot has a goalie, a CB, a left back, couple of midfielders and 3 attackers, and of course we are led to believe Saliba is to be part of the squad this coming season too. So all in that is 9 new additions to the panel for the coming season, can’t see it myself, but for the sake of arguments sake lets say all that business is done. Transfer Window Trophy won and all that. How would those 9 change our strongest starting 11.

    Well I would like others to tell me how they would see our strongest starting 11 look, but this is how that lot would change it for me, or should I say this is how I think Arteta would select it.

    In goals, Ramsdale

    Right back, Tomiyasu
    Left Back Tierney(when fit)

    Central Defense – White and Gabriel

    Central Midfield – Partey (when Fit) and probably Tielemans, but only if Xhaka leaves.

    Forwards – Saka, Odegaard and this is the one I’m not sure of, maybe Raphinha, or if Xhaka stays, then Tielemans might be wide left, but then what of ESR and Martinelli.

    Up front – Jesus

    so just to recap it could be

    Tomiyasu, White, Gabriel, Tierney
    Partey, Tielemans
    Saka, Odegaard, Raphinha

    is that improving the strongest starting 11 at all, how much, will it be enough to change 8 of our 13 defeats into wins, cos that is what is required for us to be title challengers, and if signing 8 players is not designed to make us title challengers, then what the hell sort of choices are we making.
    Jesus would be the really big signing, but I think we need Mary and Joseph too if we are to be the genuine article.

    On a negative note, if the 11 I name above is seen by Arteta as our strongest starting team, then I would suggest Xhaka will go this summer, Saliba would certainly not put his chances of being in the France World Cup squad at risk by being a sub here and a handful of cup games, ESR and Martinelli would also be losing their chances of being at the World Cup too,

    All those signings would do is give us a much stronger match day squad, and better strength when injuries hit, which is fantastic in itself, for me if all those come in and we can keep everyone happy, especially Xhaka, as even if he was not first choice anymore, he would certainly be needed when Partey is out for a third of the season like he has been for the last two. Don’t get me wrong, for me Xhaka is a better player than Partey, but I’m just going on how I think Arteta would select the team, and how his signings would influence it.

    Outgoings, again if the likes of Ornstein are to be believed, then we will see Leno, Runarsson, Bellerin, AMN, Mari, Tavares, Torreira, Nelson, Pepe all leave, sold or loaned, ah 9 out for the 9 in, but how many of the new guys are an upgrade on the outgoing.


  35. Would the club not be better off just going for a youngish coach who already is past the rookie stage? Seems like a simple comment to make I hope no one is offended.
    Did the club just sign the wrong Viera?
    Should they have been looking closer to home?
    should they have signed not just the coach at Palace but also the former Gunner Eze for about the same moolah they just spunked on a player with a portugeezah* agent? What would the fraud the blaggers praise as The Don (a mob Don?) or Peter Risdale do in this situation?

    Did the expert Arse Blaggers finally get their wish did their dream come true. A club that once signed Mertesackers and Cazorlas now flourishing as some king of Sporting Highbury/Shaktar Donetsk? hallelujah

    *oh Willian where art thou?


  36. The Daily Gooner – An Arsenal Podcast
    Super Agent Jorge Mendes receives 10% of the value of Fàbìo Vieira’s transfer to Arsenal, which amounts to €35m (£30m). Porto will get €31.5m (£27m) and Jorge gets €3.5m (£3m)

    [Via – @oJogo


  37. Correction < Sporting Highbury/Shaktar Arsenal

    The dream. A vision.
    For some associated with the sport.

    Who needs scouts, coaches or talent to operate a football club when you have giants like Joshy Bwoy and his butler-ette Vinai V at the helm?

    Perhaps i am being ungrateful given the amazing things we have seen at Everton but then again to be fair to that Mob they did appoint Ancellotti is a big difference to the record of the bungling Special K’s.


  38. anyone else having log in problems, I’m having to log in every time I post a comment, and a long post of mine has disappeared too.


  39. “Oh Willian where art you”?
    “Super Agent Jorge Mendes receives 10% of the value of Fàbìo Vieira’s…”

    Cheers Eds. There he is!

    This club would’ve been better off raiding Palace for a midfielder who has shown the talent, is ready for this league and who came from it’s own academy. along with a coach who has done his dues and played good footy with a small team to earn a shot at a Big club (not Emery who is even at his highest point left fans at his former small club’s bleeding out of their eyes and screaming warnings for those who had ears).

    when the Portugeeeeeeezah is pulling the strings at Sporting Highbury/Shaktar Arsenal these past four seasons there is zero chance of that happening.

    But at least it is clear beyond any shade of even a slight doubt why the vile Arse Blaggers excuse these infamous figures from the attacks that these frauds who do not know Football launched upon the club for a decade whilst signing footballers like Mertesacker or Cazorla for peanuts. We know what their game is (not Football, mate they haven’t got a funting clue!)


  40. “Oh Willian where art you”?

    “Super Agent Jorge Mendes receives 10% of the value of Fàbìo Vieira’s”

    Cheers Eds.
    There he is!
    Rinse and repeat eh?

    According to the record from the last decade from the Arse Blaggers and other Visionary frauds some of us were “extreme” for not wanting to attack the greatest coach we will see in favour of this Mob, for not applauding the denigration of The Royal Arsenal a great English institution and the creation of this bogus Sporting Highbury vehicle.

    Yes. Have the same trouble that you describe.


  41. Who isn’t having log in problems? I can’t see any problem at this end. Fins, you have always had problems.


  42. Lokonga is a player we signed last summer who would likely be seen as a bad purchase right now, but who might well develop into a shrewd bit of business. I saw him play in our very poor home performance against Brighton: he was lost and hopeless in the first half but grew into the game (once he was paried with Xhaka) and showed definite glimpses of ability. I don’t think he was signed with the expectation that he would be an immediate first team player, and he looks as if he still needs to strengthen physically. It can often take more than a season to bed in to a new club and league. It is mainly for that reason that I think of all the players we are linked to right now it is only Jesus who is likely to make a huge difference.


  43. Im fine on my laptop, but my mobile often seems to lose my wordpress sign in.


  44. Overtly defensive coaches who opt for the Carlton Palmers of this earth or green rookies when they have better options (footballers) available are on a hiding to nothing.
    I mention no names such as Niles wasting away on loan when he can win MOTM awards playing in tough PL midfield contests but I think Southgate’s inability to pick a midfield given the talent available/that has been ignored qualifies as a crime against English Football.

    If Graham Taylor was a Turnip then Gareth Southgate has been a Turd. An eloquent even pleasant poo but alas his football stinks.

    We are allowed to make the observation:
    Coaches that play shite football because they consistently pick cloggers or rookies (or move xhaka to LB) ahead of others, when better options are in hand or available for their midfields are: Shite.


  45. Glen Hoddle was sacked by England for non-football reasons. Not his biggest fan. He probably deserved to be sacked. Can’t stand his spud biased commentary.

    But he was a good coach.

    No one can deny that he was a good coach though given what we witnessed in regard to one of Hoddle’s mentors then I guess they can and will. Opinions are like…however such flatulent opinions will not improve the quality of football that comes from a poorly built/selected midfield.

    Perhaps at the end of next season the outstanding Josh will continue to copy his mates who run Utd. And offer to take us all down the pub. Where we can get lectures over a pint of bitter from Graham Taylor, Southgate and the butler Vinai on how to build or in our case dismantle a great team/club,


  46. None of my ranting above is a slur on coaches who have to consistently set their teams up to survive against better opponents.

    And as George said previously paint by numbers Football has worked for Guardiola (I enjoyed Heynkes Munich team over Peps).
    The spell of football in December with so many goals was encouraging, but the culling of the squad combined with overplaying injured or niggled players and losing that midfield partnership that was so important had a cost.

    Fingers crossed this Viera is not a stinker and other signings & hopefully returning players help the squad next season.


  47. The Daily Gooner – An Arsenal Podcast
    RKC Waalwijk, are heavily interested in taking Arsenal U23 Forward, Mika Biereth, on loan

    [Via – @VI_nl
    / @RKCNu


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