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Away the Boys.

The away fans are winning two-one against the miserable home support. That’s two away games in which we have been dominant and played with everything that we want to see from our Arsenal. Pace, fluency, penetration and creativity. It was an outstanding performance. One that should have shut the Media up,  and malcontents alike. But […]

What Reason weaves, by Passion is undone.

“The pendulum of the mind oscillates between sense and nonsense, not between right and wrong.” ― C.G. Jung “Walcott with his pace is a threat, Giroud is getting better and better. The midfield, you can’t figure out who is the defensive midfielder and who is the offensive midfielder because they rotate all the time. I […]

Talking Through The Arse Episode 1

Eight Years of Failure ?

It is Xmas 2011 and I am fighting a losing battle. The turkey has been eaten, and I am discussing “The Arsenal” with my brother. I am in full flow, but he suddenly propels himself forward, his face going red, almost falling out of his armchair, jabbing a finger in my direction “BUT.. BUT…after the […]

Arsenal Crisis

A guest parody post from Muppet We iz in the crisis now at Arsenal, innit.? Cos of the gaffer, the big chief Gazidis with ze wodge of dough, and Kroenke dat comes ere once in de blue moon. We iz the fans, and we iz not happy with ze proceedings this summer. We haz a […]

The Blame Game? – Oh dear oh dear oh dear (Sorry Frank, I stole your line).

Time for a bit of fight back I think. As no news of concrete signings have arrived, the mood has grown progressively worse. We knew that the atmosphere would be poisonous at the Emirates if we lost the Villa game, and our worst fears were confirmed with the chants of “spend the f*cking money”. Twitter […]

Sing When You’re Winning

  Big Marvin came up hard. Not inner city sump estate hard. A different kind of hard. Big Marvin grew up a part of the only mixed race family in a small hick mining town in the wilds of North Somerset.  He endured the name calling, the bullying, being singled out while those around him […]