Come On Arsene Its Easy

Its easy come on Arsenal spend some of that seventy to one hundred million pounds you have sitting in the bank, or is it?

Everybody and his dog are telling Arsenal they need a goalkeeper, a center back, a central defensive midfielder and a striker. Now lets look at our squad and in particular these positions.

Goalkeepers-Szczesny and Fabianski, it looks like Wenger likes Szczesny as our number one keeper for the season. What seems to be the problem is a strong number two to push Szczesny and to keep him on his toes. Now comes a phrase that I will probably use a lot in this piece, ‘if you was a’ goalkeeper especially in the year of a world cup would you move to a club to be a second choice goalkeeper and only guaranteed FA cup and League cup games?

Central Defenders-Per, Kos and Vermaelen, Per is (or was) captain for the game against Aston Villa in the absence of Arteta in midfield so it looks like he and Kos are our first choice central defensive partnership and with Vermaelen and Sagna being able to cover we are looking for a fourth choice center back to come in and again ,if you were a central defender would you be happy to come into Arsenal to be a bench warmer ?

Central Midfield-I don’t need to list our midfield for you as I am sure you can see where this is going but again if you were a central midfielder and you looked at Arsenals starting midfield would you want to come in and fight for a place or go to a team that you were guaranteed a starting place.

The only position I can say that a player will be able to walk in to the Arsenal starting eleven is as striker, but as we have seen this summer trying to get that striker is a problem do we take a bench warmer from Real Madrid for twelve million more than he was first quoted for or do we wait to see if the release clause in the Louis Suarez contract is real or not?


As last year showed with Jan Vertonghen last year showed players want to move to clubs that guarantee first team football and Arsenal can’t do that. Gustavo’s move to Wolfsburg is a prime example of this plus a wage of over one hundred and ten thousand a week.

Yes Arsenal has money to spend but to spend that you have to find the right players they have to suit the Wenger style of play, be able to fit into the squad but most importantly of all be happy unless you’re a striker to sit on the bench and wait for your turn because who are you going to get ahead of in the Arsenal team?


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52 comments on “Come On Arsene Its Easy

  1. Left sided options: Lukas, Ox, Santi, Ryo
    Right sided options: Theo, Ox, Serge, Tomas
    Striker options: OG, Lukas, Sanogo, Theo
    #10 options: Santi, Tomas, Jack, Ramsey
    Defensive mid (pivot) options: MA, Ramsey, Flamini?, maybe Diaby/Frim later
    Mid options alongside: Aaron, Jack, Tomas
    RB options: Sagna, Jenks, Nico (he did not go on loan, yes?), Bellerin
    LB options: Gibbs, Nach, TV, Flamini?
    CB options: TV, Kos, Per, Sagna
    Wild card: Zelalem, Eisfeld, Akpom


  2. I LOVE how nobody tips Arsenal for the title, except us. That is excellent.


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