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A USA Gooner And The Soccer World Cup

    Sports are ubiquitous in the American South. It’s on TV everywhere, all the time. And that’s particularly true in Birmingham, Alabama. We consistently rank at or near the top of ESPN’s ratings – and that’s for almost all sports, not just college football. It’s tough out there if you don’t like sports. You’re […]

Portrait of a flawed genius. Court case: FIFA vs Saurez.

Originally posted on GunnersoreArse:
Welcome to the GunnersoreArse blog. Being blogged 918.74 kilometers (in a straight line) from the Emirates Stadium. This is the sentencing report I would have presented to FIFA. Pre-sentence report Defendant: Luis Alberto Diaz Suarez -D.O.B. 24/01/1987.   This report has been prepared following one interview with the defendant. I’ve had…

Arsene Fiddles While Arsenal Burns

A few years ago I happened across a Coroner’s Report in one of the more respectable UK broadsheets. The subject of the inquest was the untimely death of a middle-age man who’d passed away whilst availing himself of the intimate attentions of an honest lady of the night. Called upon to give evidence, she had […]

Acceptable Cheating v Unacceptable Behaviour.

One of the hotter topics in cricket over the last fifty years or so has been whether a player should walk when he knows he is out, or whether he should wait for the umpire to give him out. However minimal the contact, however faint the edge, a batsman always knows when he has hit […]

Forget Cesc And Nasri, You’ve Lost The Seabrooks.

As on this site a while back everyone was debating the 3%, I’ve just found a letter I had written to the club but never sent, It goes along with the sentiments of the Black Scarf but without criticism of the manager. Once again it brings in to focus the disconnect some of the fans have felt over […]

The Failure Of England Brutally Reviewed.

England were supporting the Italians in the hope they could achieve qualification in their third game. Sturridge was sending messages of support to Pirlo and the rest via twitter…while the Daily Mail issued an article before the game between Italyand Costa Rica about how to behave when supporting Italy in World Cups, underlining the importance […]

The World Cup Is Exposing Arsenal Myths.

If you love football there is nothing like a World Cup especially if you have a national stake in the whole affair. Undoubtedly it is the spectacle of the best national teams on the whole planet, in a sport played universally,  competing on the world’s stage that brings out such intense global attention. My observation is […]