The Failure Of England Brutally Reviewed.

England were supporting the Italians in the hope they could achieve qualification in their third game. Sturridge was sending messages of support to Pirlo and the rest via twitter…while the Daily Mail issued an article before the game between Italyand Costa Rica about how to behave when supporting Italy in World Cups, underlining the importance of pizza, watching lots of R.Baggio clips on Youtube and to abuse the ref as much as possible. Gary Lineker was also wearing an Italy polo shirt in the studio apparently…. bless him.

After the Italians defeat by Costa Rica (a defeat which may even cost them elimination from the tournament) the English started packing to return home after completing one of the worst ever campaigns in a World Cup in their 40 years of qualifying for it. This has not happened since 1962.

The english press approached this all with its normal routine default attitude.

They are trying every drama they can to show how to enjoy these eliminations. Just like the guy who has been rejected by the hot girl at the bar but acts above it…as if he dont care – only in their hearts and minds does he/they know how much suffering exists.

At this point we shouldnt ignore or forget how many bestselling books in the country have been written trying to explain and analyse England’s failures in world cups.

Obviously…the reasons vary from ‘penalty curse’ to more serious reasons but none of these books touch on the one single truth –England gets eliminated from tournaments because they don’t have a good enough squad.-Since whichever squad they bring will rely on two or three (maximum) of themost seriously over-hyped players in world football. Players who are hyped up by the powerful UK media that are without international experience, afraid, settled in their cocoons, who by and large full fill bit-part player roles in their clubs where the main guys pulling the strings are foreigners.

The English never had a GREAT world cup squad. Never. What they did have though was an identity ( hey jack…lol) . However this identity has been lost ever since the introduction of the Premier League.

Production of English players has gone down the drain with realistically only a foreigner (Wenger) doing the most to help England produce decent footballers who can pass , run,  are comfortable on the ball , know what to do and when.

The few english players that are genuinely good are paid excessive millions way beyond their actual value/worth and also get over the top -exposed in media. This over the top-exposure clouds peoples judgement on their ability. A goal from Rooney in a derby suddenly becomes huge news and shown over 130 countries, while a goal from Reus in a German derby might go unnoticed. That should not mean that the former is a better footballer than the latter.

The premiership is the richest league and most organised and profitable league in the world. A league that generates billions is no guarantee that it will have a great national team too. If the sheiks tomorrow go crazy and bring to Qatar all the greatest players on earth they will also have a super rich league but their national squad will still be a bad one. The english might think that since they can buy the best players and have the best league product they can do the same with the national team. That is not the case. International football requires work, sacrifice, lots of sweat, and individual and collective ambition. The only thing the premier league offers are over-hyped overpaid millionaires for the national squad. nothing else.

Off course all this happens due to some cultural traits also…like living in their bubble/microcosm , always thinking of being more important than they are.

In the recent past the F.A very optimistically  handed the keys to the national squad to McLaren after Errikson ( who took them to three consecutive quarter finals). A Manger the English media referred to as “McLown“. The F.A thought that a less dogmatic coach than the Swede was what was needed for the players to make the difference. Off course they were wrong. For Euro2008 they didn’t even qualify. Unable to beat teams like Croatia, Israel and Russia . Due to the fact that they don’t know who they are anymore( in a football sense at least).  They followed the opposite extreme of selecting big names and paying for a world class manager : Fabio Capello.The best and the best managed to create a salad that went to S.Africa in 2010 and was humiliated by Germany with 4 goals!

Their ability to drive national coaches crazy is unparalleled in football history. Hodgson is no genius, I give you that, but he did built a tough and solid Switzerland around Chapuisat before Hitzfeld took over and also built teams with tough defences in Inter, Fulham etc.. Alas even this lover of catenaccio couldn’t resist the pressure of the media and presented a team in Brasil with a joke defence and a midfield unable to support the strikers/forwards.

It is this dumb practice coupled with standard gung-ho naivety ( a draw with Uruguay would still keep them in the chase, while they were charging forward in numbers to win the game in ‘glory’..) that has eliminated them form the World Cup.

In the crucial game of the group the difference was made by Luis Suarez…an international superstar and world class player…not just an EPL superstar….there is a huge difference.


Regular readers will have no problem guessing who wrote today’s piece.

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  1. cheers apropos but i did talk specifically about those who come out to intentionally play in a violent manner …not accidents…and im not defending suarez, he is a bastard on the pitch but i understand why he does it and im just critical of the media and their hysteria and how they play on peoples minds.

    i opened the standard and laughe dmy ase off wiht the pics they have showing him as hannibal, jaws..all that..thats nice thats humour….but what i saw yeserday on the panel with savage ( lmao) talking all serious about how suarez should be banned forever i cried laughing and called everyone i know to laugh at the hysteria


  2. double canister
    June 25, 2014 at 6:34 pm

    for you the tariff is only 5.99 per hour mate..for dex…15,000 per second….


  3. I think Anicoll is right that biting as an adult is bizarre and indicative of some kind of problem of control. It is different from simple violent aggression and potentially more dangerous and invasive. This doesn’t mean there isn’t quite a lot of hypocrisy that can rightly be decried. However, Suarez has had his chances and clearly has a problem.


  4. totally unrelated but just received following exceptional video


  5. but lsg we know he has a problem …the issue is whether this problem merits all this indignation and hysteria. imo it does not

    as for this : ” It is different from simple violent aggression and potentially more dangerous and invasive” ..

    i fail to follow the logic. please elaborate.to me its as instinctive as throwing an elbow when the defender annoys you with his wrestling and shoving and pushing and pulling or snapping at ankles etc… what do you mean by more dangerous? id rather have suarez bite my shoulder for 3 secs than go through what petr czech had to go through …or edu….


  6. Two favourites, Argentina and Brazil, have really been less dominant in the group stages than I expected. But they top their groups and can build as they go along. But I am worried most about Brazil–without Neymar they look pretty bereft of creative skill. Oscar has gone backwards fast under Mourinho.


  7. New post is up http://wp.me/p37nXa-107



  8. Anicoll explained why biting is different. And I agree with that. But perhaps there is too much hysteria.


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