The Failure Of England Brutally Reviewed.

England were supporting the Italians in the hope they could achieve qualification in their third game. Sturridge was sending messages of support to Pirlo and the rest via twitter…while the Daily Mail issued an article before the game between Italyand Costa Rica about how to behave when supporting Italy in World Cups, underlining the importance of pizza, watching lots of R.Baggio clips on Youtube and to abuse the ref as much as possible. Gary Lineker was also wearing an Italy polo shirt in the studio apparently…. bless him.

After the Italians defeat by Costa Rica (a defeat which may even cost them elimination from the tournament) the English started packing to return home after completing one of the worst ever campaigns in a World Cup in their 40 years of qualifying for it. This has not happened since 1962.

The english press approached this all with its normal routine default attitude.

They are trying every drama they can to show how to enjoy these eliminations. Just like the guy who has been rejected by the hot girl at the bar but acts above it…as if he dont care – only in their hearts and minds does he/they know how much suffering exists.

At this point we shouldnt ignore or forget how many bestselling books in the country have been written trying to explain and analyse England’s failures in world cups.

Obviously…the reasons vary from ‘penalty curse’ to more serious reasons but none of these books touch on the one single truth –England gets eliminated from tournaments because they don’t have a good enough squad.-Since whichever squad they bring will rely on two or three (maximum) of themost seriously over-hyped players in world football. Players who are hyped up by the powerful UK media that are without international experience, afraid, settled in their cocoons, who by and large full fill bit-part player roles in their clubs where the main guys pulling the strings are foreigners.

The English never had a GREAT world cup squad. Never. What they did have though was an identity ( hey jack…lol) . However this identity has been lost ever since the introduction of the Premier League.

Production of English players has gone down the drain with realistically only a foreigner (Wenger) doing the most to help England produce decent footballers who can pass , run,  are comfortable on the ball , know what to do and when.

The few english players that are genuinely good are paid excessive millions way beyond their actual value/worth and also get over the top -exposed in media. This over the top-exposure clouds peoples judgement on their ability. A goal from Rooney in a derby suddenly becomes huge news and shown over 130 countries, while a goal from Reus in a German derby might go unnoticed. That should not mean that the former is a better footballer than the latter.

The premiership is the richest league and most organised and profitable league in the world. A league that generates billions is no guarantee that it will have a great national team too. If the sheiks tomorrow go crazy and bring to Qatar all the greatest players on earth they will also have a super rich league but their national squad will still be a bad one. The english might think that since they can buy the best players and have the best league product they can do the same with the national team. That is not the case. International football requires work, sacrifice, lots of sweat, and individual and collective ambition. The only thing the premier league offers are over-hyped overpaid millionaires for the national squad. nothing else.

Off course all this happens due to some cultural traits also…like living in their bubble/microcosm , always thinking of being more important than they are.

In the recent past the F.A very optimistically  handed the keys to the national squad to McLaren after Errikson ( who took them to three consecutive quarter finals). A Manger the English media referred to as “McLown“. The F.A thought that a less dogmatic coach than the Swede was what was needed for the players to make the difference. Off course they were wrong. For Euro2008 they didn’t even qualify. Unable to beat teams like Croatia, Israel and Russia . Due to the fact that they don’t know who they are anymore( in a football sense at least).  They followed the opposite extreme of selecting big names and paying for a world class manager : Fabio Capello.The best and the best managed to create a salad that went to S.Africa in 2010 and was humiliated by Germany with 4 goals!

Their ability to drive national coaches crazy is unparalleled in football history. Hodgson is no genius, I give you that, but he did built a tough and solid Switzerland around Chapuisat before Hitzfeld took over and also built teams with tough defences in Inter, Fulham etc.. Alas even this lover of catenaccio couldn’t resist the pressure of the media and presented a team in Brasil with a joke defence and a midfield unable to support the strikers/forwards.

It is this dumb practice coupled with standard gung-ho naivety ( a draw with Uruguay would still keep them in the chase, while they were charging forward in numbers to win the game in ‘glory’..) that has eliminated them form the World Cup.

In the crucial game of the group the difference was made by Luis Suarez…an international superstar and world class player…not just an EPL superstar….there is a huge difference.


Regular readers will have no problem guessing who wrote today’s piece.

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  1. a small update of the last few weeks:

    we dont want suarez but we would like baloteli …. just lol
    we wont pay sagna but risk on auriers and shaws…..no comment
    we dont need cesc because we have …… who again? oh yeah arteta…who is 32..
    samy dived and it wasnt a penalty…perhaps watching it again in hd might help

    we are all mental dex 🙂


  2. The sign of intellegence is that you are constantly wondering.
    Idiots are always so dead sure about every thing they are doing in their life.

    I bet George the ‘click addict’ is very happy!


  3. The sign of intellegence is that you are constantly wondering.

    bingo !

    or leave others wondering ….

    george should be allright..everything has been resolved peacefully with humour and no nasty scenes/remarks etc… way better than yesterday thats for sure lol… these things happen to the best of families…


  4. we dont want suarez but we would like baloteli …. just lol
    —-Who said that? Erm, was it no one again?
    I have no idea what the other bullet points are referring to? Another figment no doubt.

    As for the FIFA is corrupt post. No scandal there, its common knowledge. But then you do your usual and jump on a completely different topic;

    and maybe…just maybe the same applies for uk media or f.a or ref association or your whole league system? …just maybe……

    I agree you! But they are different subjects! If you want to “debate” (Hahaha!) that then cool, let’s do it.

    That is why it is IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to discuss anything with anyone.

    havent you noticed that yet?

    No one bothers any more. Just a thick glutton for punishment twat like me does!

    I am mental!

    But now I am cured. That was it. No more. You are dead to me my son. I shall bequeeth the family estate to my dear old goldfish Sepp.


  5. *I agree with you! But they are different subjects! If you want to “debate” (Hahaha!) that then cool, let’s do it.

    That is why it is IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to discuss anything with you.

    Thats better


  6. Dexter
    June 25, 2014 at 2:56 pm

    these were the discussions/subjects taking place mate..just showing how different people think differently yet i ve never not once called anyone names or offered character descriptions for their ideas/beliefs unlike you…… 😉

    fifa & epl corruption …….. take care of your own garden first and then comment on the neighbor’s

    we can perfectly discuss everything you want …nothing is impossible.. perhaps you cant catch my humour… its no shame to admit it…just dont tag me with descriptions just cause you dont get what i say…

    if you cant see the hillarious hypocrisy in this whole suarez case then thats your fault mate…just dont call me a racist….thank you


  7. and just cause you fail to be convincing with your weak arguments and rely on propaganda and bias …. dont mean i am incabable of holding a discussion ..i hit where it hurts thats true…and many cant cope and would rather go for the messenger than the message..i get that a lot..water of a duck’ s back…

    im perfectly sure you understand 100% what i meant with ‘arry and italy but you had to blow your top off cause you felt i was offending your nation….lol…

    newsflash: laughing at arry and english football practices and perceptions is in no way related to nationalism and or pride…

    so, on that note..mind explaining what your attack was all about ?

    “arsenal is english team playing in england blah blah ” …..you reminded me of those peasants in legrove and aclf who asked for fan credentials before allowing you to comment … ” when did you start supporting arsenal?”, ” do you go to games”

    snide questions with one aim…to belittle one’s comittment /support /love for the club…

    i will tie you in knots poor little dex…..not one but three steps ahead . always.


  8. I am torn

    Iran or Nigeria ? If it wasn’t for John Obi Mikel it would be an easy choice. But he is one I have an irrational dislike of, chemical really.

    But then if Nigeria did manage to knock over the Argies ….or somehow manage to subdue Messi for the full 90- minutes – what a good performance that would be.


  9. hey george, give us a new post. at least a new talking point and ban any further discussion on suares. we all cant agree but curses and swearing is nothing positive.


  10. All personalities aside I thought it was a good post, even though I didn’t agree with all of it. How’s that for fence sitting.
    The fact is there is something wrong with English football, not the players that make up the English PL but English football. Out players so rarely play abroad, our referees don’t encourage technical football and our media loves the pulis caveman approch.
    Although we may have laughed at the “ave it” commercials it reflects our national set up from 4 to 40.
    Media an ex-players alike prefer the off field soap to the on field beautiful game. We all know that rugby style, 18 century, or park the bus are lauded while the death of tika taka was widely heralded.
    All these attitudes need to change before we can consider ourselves a great football nation again rather than one that just hosts a great league.


  11. amen to that a_or_b…i insist that the future is englands provided they let these kids ( wilshere barkley gibbs ox theo smalling shaw lalanna) evolve in a european way and not the strict english doctrines of psycho pearce and whichever other outdated moron xenophob chip on shoulder wanker says in the media…many had a go at roy..many still mock him calling him woy….i dont get it at all. he has been dignified and a wonderful chap. not his fault the media in this country are absolutely mental and negatively influence the squad…christ those cunts nearly got arsenal fans to sack wenger…

    about 6 mos ago we had another discussion about some wilshere comments talking about grit,hard tackle running and of course pashn….at the time i raised my objection as mostly a fear of not wanting to see him go down the drain for nationalistic patriotic b/s instead of improving his game the wenger/european way…..i still got misunderstood though…. the thing was that jack delivered those words with a pride that was bemusing…so what if english football has so far relied on hoofball tactics and tackling ?..is it not about time they re-approached the damn thing.?..how can a young boy, apparently smart enough to understand and train and play for arsenal, talk such bollocks ? was he being brainwashed to think/talk like that? …


  12. Suarez’s biting incident has opened up an issue most Arsenal fans have loved to have been brought up after the multiple leg breaks our players have suffered. How come a biting or spitting incident gets seven to ten games suspension, but a tackle with the sole intention of maiming someone only gets three games?

    I’m all for giving nine and ten game bans for players who resort to elbowing and dirty tackles. I would like to see FIFA formalize this and put it in its little book of laws. I’d also like to see managers who encourage such behavior be given multiple game bans as well. Oh, and multi-million pound fines for offending clubs too. There should be a zero tolerance policy for assault on the pitch.

    By the way, I just wanted to mention that Van Gaal is playing the same 3-5-2 Tony Pulis uses at Crystal Palace. Strange, isn’t it?


  13. the default responce was a nasty ” oh why you say that..cant jack be proud of his country?” ..of course he can but he can be proud of the history the customs the natural beauties etc etc…not the fucking football lol….. but people dont get it…they associate football culture with national culture and history…..if you need football to feel pride for your nation then things are pretty bad, no? that goes to anyone from whichever country…but then we go back to how the subject of how football is used as opium for the people and perhaps the only area left to release warcries and nationalistic tendecies….


  14. Someone send me an article ,then we can move on.


  15. Gainsbourg69
    June 25, 2014 at 4:29 pm

    hehe glad you can see the hypocrisy mate….but here is where it gets interesting….say fifa issues laws that all national f.a should follow with regards to such leg breaking tackles…the english f.a will be the first to moan and complain that fifa is messing with their game and i bet we will have the oh so predictable “but tackling is part of the english football psyche” which is used to disguise intentional barbaric assaults


  16. i got one on luis vs baloteli if you interested george… 🙂


  17. Exactly Gains. The end!


  18. Think I might be skipping the games next season between Van Gaal and Mourinho based upon the evidence so far.


  19. If you are interested Gains have a look at the International Rugby Boards Regulation 17 that covers all and every disciplinary office and punishment – Annex A starts at page 242 and lists the range of bans for foul play and abuse of officials, all more severe than football.

    Interestingly the list also has maximum penalties/sanction for each offence, most are 52 weeks
    Deliberately kicking an opponent a minimum of 4 weeks ban, top end a 12 week band and a max of 52 weeks.
    Biting = 208 weeks max
    Testicle twisting/ tearing = 208 weeks max
    Eye Gouging 156 weeks max

    Click to access regulation17090730_8711.pdf

    As with technology football could learn from the egg chasers


  20. Will the Argies barge (see what I did there?) their way past the Super Eagles?


  21. “Testicle twisting”?

    Only in rugger.


  22. So if you grab an opponent by the bollox, bite them and then poke them in the eye you could be banned for 11 years.


  23. I always knew Pulis was the future of football.


  24. Anicol;

    In hindsight, I am sure Aaron would have done that to Shawcross, just before he was carried off the pitch.


  25. “Hard to see how leg-breaking tackles excuse biting. Maybe Suarez’ defence is that he was trying to bite the ball.”

    Haha nice one Merlot


  26. Anicoll, I would love it if football did what rugby is doing. As much as the fossils would like to believe football without violence would ruin the spectacle, injured players are no good to the sport either. Also, now that we have better camera work and everything which happens on the pitch can be scrutinized more closely, I think diving should carry several game bans and huge fines as well. Set up a review board, just in case the referees don’t see it, and suspend the cheating divers.


  27. The Premier league dont even want to introduce the disapearing foam that keeps players from encroaching.

    Can’t see them changing their collective tunes over minor things like broken limbs and concussion.


  28. “Hard to see how leg-breaking tackles excuse biting. Maybe Suarez’ defence is that he was trying to bite the ball.”

    well quite simply…which is worse and which carries more risk to the player..?..important to note that suarez bites when provoked, held, elbowed etc…the tacklers who sent edu ramsey and others to hospital do it on purpose all the time..its their default mode of operation. they never tackle the ball…….they tackle the player….

    so hand to heart which is worse? a 3 second bite that has no consequences or the assaults that end careers or send people to hospital for 6 months or a year?

    and this is not about defending suarez but highlighting the hypocrisy in the coverage of the biting incident and how it compares with other dirty behaviours on a football pitch


  29. Biting


  30. Dex,

    Once the FA’s legal eagles warm up after observing the concussion cases hitting US sportsd, there’ll be plenty of appetite…sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.

    …one day, possibly, we’ll see many players wearing Cech style headgear. If they physios had their way it would already have happened (Ssssshush, don’t tell the Redzone experts out there!).


  31. why anicoll5? how is it worse please?


  32. The total strangeness of it in an adult, the the risk of transfer of bodily fluids, all sorts of levels, not just once, not just twice, but three times ffs ?

    Now LS is either suffering from a chronic personality disorder i.e. he can’t help himself, in which case he requires treatment to address his condition and until that is carried out and successful he needs to be barred from football indefinitely – on medical grounds as a risk to himself and others. You cant go round biting people. No sir.

    Or LS is fully in control and just evil – if so a 208 weeks for a third offence seems fair.


  33. do you think roy keanne and barton suffer any personality disorders ? why werent they chased out the game?


  34. Dexter June 25, 2014 at 12:14 pm

    You are rude. Re-read your comments.

    If you hate Blatter/Havelange, etc. go on….describe why you hate them.

    I say, Dexter, describe – beyond what what you have have read in the Daily
    Mail, why do you hate these people. Explain. You ask others to explain but you do not. Explain yourself if you want a reasoned argument.


  35. luis has not ended anyone’s career ( like say keanne…) …on the contrary evra manu uk media desperately have tried to end his….


  36. Probably because the did not bite anyone


  37. *they


  38. If you hate Blatter/Havelange, etc. go on….describe why you hate them.

    its because they have denied the dex and his squad the rightful 5 world cups and 6 euro titles they were going for… (stop laughing)


  39. There really is no need to get personal. None at all.
    Winding each other up is not big and its not clever.
    Debate with some respect or we will end up chatting shit like we did on the other blog.
    I have to say I owe Yogi an apology.


  40. youve only replied the second part of the question….what about the first? are they psycho or not? shoudl they be banned from the game for their despicable antisporting behaviour as well?

    and sorry but i got to ask :

    since when strangeness and transfer of bodily fluids ( lmao) worse than having your shin bone piercing out your skin…or your knee twisted in negative angle?……


  41. i dont agree george i see no malice in anyones posts…. we are just on two different sides on this suarez case and trying to reach middle ground.


  42. @ Dexter June 25, 2014 at 12:17 pm

    Dexter June 25, 2014 at 10:21 am


    So Blatter is not currupt, has never done anything remotely dodgy and FIFa is above reproach and it’s all been fabricated by the english media a few weeks ago?

    You need to do a little research, won’t take long. There is a long history of corruption involving Blatter, his predecessors, including Havelanche.

    So, please explain to me, how that is rude? I won’t learn unless you educate me!

    ” I have not yet said anything regarding corruption of other Havelange or Blatter. You:


    Explain yourself, you are so rude, you cannot. Why the cultured people on this blog tolerate you on this blog I do not know.


    Lets be honest.

    You and I…face to face…you would keep your mouth very..very..very..quiet…let us be honest. Face to face.

    Alas, the internet lets us keep our anonymity. I wish it did not not. Shall you call me rascist?
    For questioning Tho Almighty Views?


  43. I am very sorry George and to all others.

    I do not mean to stoop to dishonorable behavior. If I have, my apologies. My sincerest apologies to all on this blog. I did not mean to demean anyone or condone any sort of misbehavior. I live myself within the principles of right conduct as I can understand a man like George appreciates.


  44. Keane is a hooligan who I doubt has any underlying mental health problems. He knows exactly what he is doing. He is just violent. He comes from a long line of leg breakers though these days there are few of them left.

    Do I think Joey Barton is unhinged ? Yeah probably – serious anger issues, largely unprovoked violence way out of proportion to the matter in hand. And the family background, oh the family background.
    If JB had done on a football field what he has done off it then I think he would have been out of the game years ago. That is the thing though, Joey did not stick a cigar in someone’s eye in front of 50 million TV viewers !


  45. Wow, Argentina v Nigeria…Eish!


  46. Hunting hunter

    I think hunter got a case here, although the leg break comparison is not 100% accurate as leg break can be unintentional in a game that involves a lot of kicking and well…legs. Headbutt would be more a comparable offense I think, an offense that players got away with quite cheaply. But there is still something disturbing with hunters defence of Suarez biting. And I think for me it’s because Suarez is a repeat offender. He has continuously showed bad gamesmanship by disregarding the rules of the game which he should have understood by now. And if you cant accept the rules of the game maybe you shouldn’t enter it, however morally relative they may seem to you.

    Anyway, Hunter strike me as many things but unintelligent I think not.


  47. Hunter would make a good defence lawyer,

    This is not a case of ‘if the teeth don’t fit – you must acquit’.
    If Suarez was a dog he would have ben put down by now.

    I’m with Apropos.

    And Roy Keane was an evil cunt.


  48. Muzzle it is.


  49. anicoll5
    June 25, 2014 at 6:05 pm

    on keanne : oh so he knows what he is doing..we all know what he is doing…. but we just let him get on the pitch and keep doing what he is doing..????? .. great!! nothing more normal then than letting hooligans on the pitch to make money via injuring others…fantastic..

    on barton: say diaby kept his cool at newcastle and then bit him in a corner or foul kick wihtout the ref looking causing barton to turn and punch diabby and get red plus ban ( hopefully) ….woudl you hold it against diaby? id ocndier him a legend because not only did he get one back against a genuine cunt but he also did it in a manner that he got away with it


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