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Hey, We Won At Newcastle.

Arsenal won a great game of football yesterday. Of course if you read twitter this might come as a shock to you. Apparently they didn’t do it with the assurance and panache that many uber fans demand. Clearly we should dominate the game from start to finish and not let the opponents have a kick […]

Arsenal In Newcastle – Stiffen The Sinews

Once more unto the international break dear friends, once more We have been riding an undulating course of late. The humdrum of league encounters has been punctuated by the lofty heights of all or nothing cup competitions and then it’s back down again to the daily grind. Except of course that the daily grind for […]

Racism Is Alive And Kicking

A guest post from Yido6061 When the footage of Chelsea fans boasting of their racist entitlement whilst jostling a black man on the Paris Metro emerged a couple of weeks ago, I admittedly fell into the trap set by my own deeply entrenched prejudices. After all, this is the club that continues to be captained […]

Arsenal In Monaco: Daring To Dream.

“To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, to forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then, when it becomes necessary again, to draw it back from oblivion for just as long as it is needed, to deny the existence of objective reality and all the while to take account of the reality […]

Arsene Wenger. A Personal Sacrifice.

Today we have a guest post from @TheFalseNein     It’s 1995 and George Graham has decided his time at Arsenal was up – Leaving  Rioch to hold the fort for The Gunners who finished a mediocre 5th the following season. I say mediocre, but this was a huge improvement on their league position in the […]

We have our swagger back

Watching yesterday’s efficient despatch of West Ham in the gentle Spring sunshine of North London it occurred to me that we definitely have our swagger back, domestically at least. The Appy Ammers arrived with few expectations of a victory after a 14 game run against the Arsenal with not one win but hopeful of making […]

Arsenal Versus West Ham: Arsène’s Beautiful Ballet

I began my first draft of this little missive by suggesting that today’s game was a case of back down to earth with a bump. I scratched it out and started again for two reasons. Primarily because we don’t deal in tedious clichés here at the home of positivity but also because, as exciting as […]

Arsenal In Manchester – Business As Usual

I turned to Liz about twenty minutes before kick off and remarked on what a good day I’d had. First decent day in about two months in fact. Those who know me beyond the world of football will be aware things have been, of late, somewhat bumpy Chez Stew. Yesterday however we had seen a […]

Arsenal’s Waterloo? Or Allez Les Bleus?

Anyone who buys into the oft repeated media convention that the FA Cup no longer means anything in the modern game needs to take a look at the scenes which took place in Villa Park on Saturday evening. The explosion of emotion from the Villa fans which spilled from the stands and onto the pitch […]

Arsene Wenger v The Pragmatists.

Isn’t it amazing? Just as West Ham are enjoying one of their highest positions in the league for some time, the natives are restless. It seems they aren’t enjoying their season even though their elevated position would expect a celebration and mini wave every time they take the field. So what is it that has […]