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Arsenal’s Nine Years Of Failure.

I keep hearing this “nine years of failure” . Now, lets for a moment forget that for many of us the last nine years has been a tremendous success. Perhaps Arsene’s greatest achievement. And run with the nine years shit. Why nine years? Why “nine years and only one real trophy”? Why not one year […]

Random Rants On QPR.

I don’t know where to start, so this might be quite a disjointed ramble. It’s supposed to be the season of goodwill, but I’m not feeling it. Not one little bit. Once again I don’t intend to  give a detailed account of a game you have all seen and who all know enough to form […]

Defeat Gives Fuel To Agendas. #Arsenalout

Here is an extract from something somewhere on the internet ,written by someone. The full post can be read in the comments section of the previous post at 4:05 pm. I highly recommend that you go back and read it.     “This is the dilemma which Arsenal fans here find themselves in. They are […]

Liverpool And Things !

An early Xmas gift from @anicoll5   Good morning from a grey and windy Norfolk on match day. Let me open with a quote from the genuinely immortal Mr Shankly in response to a question from a journalist concerning the ‘pressure’ of his Liverpool side topping the First Division at the time. “Pressure is working […]

Fear Or Respect ?

A guest post from @foreverheady     One of the comments that irritated Arsenal supporters after the four goal romp against Newcastle last Saturday was the one made by Richard Keys about Santi Cazorla not showing their 21 Year Old Goalkeeper, Jak Alnwick  any respect when he chipped in his Panenka penalty. The idea was […]

Thanks For The Memories Arsene, Thats Another Good One !

A guest post from   @double_canister     By Arsenal standards this season, a 4-1 home win against a team that was on the same points level as us in the morning is very much something to cheer about, especially as that team had deservedly seen off Chelsea the week before and were rested and […]

Pre Xmas Turkey.

A guest post from Seebs.   While lofty butt cheeks is getting all the press for making the squad for chelski in a game of no consequence our plethora of youngsters was taking on the turkish champions and giving them a good thanksgiving to be honest. Bulat the turkish keeper started with a full head […]

Arsenal Fans Disgrace The Club And Us All !

Confucius once said “Without feelings of respect, what is there to distinguish men from beasts?” As I sit here and pen this post, I’m reminiscing the past grandeur our fan base once possessed. We were a joyous bunch renowned for getting behind the team and the manager. We were united as a Club. But today, […]

What Are Referees Up To ?

From yesterday’s game we can see that officials have two different interpretations of the laws of the game, how can one team compete if they are playing to a different interpretation of the rules to the other team.  The officials are now making more and more match defining decisions per game, they are not just […]

Wenger Out.

  We want Wenger out……..don’t we, yes we must for I am being told by every Tom, Dick and Harry that he is past it, he is a dinosaur and that he is a dictator.  So there we have it Wenger out now please I mean why would we want a manager who cant keep […]