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Arsenal Shooting for 2nd now?

Hello all. In this last podcast of the year we make the most of the optimism that is currently awash in the Arsenal fanbase and look to what we might get from the City game. I’ve boldly gone for an Arsenal win, against my better judgement. Have a good day and a great New Year, […]

Arsenal Have Improved massively.

Hello people, In this podcast I wax lyrical about the recent improvements, before adding caveats. There is a bit of a young player and Xhaka love in too. At last it’s mostly positive about everything. Pedantic George

Arteta Smashes His Critics

Hello all. On the latest podcast the aging trio prostrate themselves at the alter of Arteta and beg the forgiveness of him and the heroes that never doubted his magnificence, following a decent result and performance against the mighty West Ham. Are you having that? Oh and we briefly look at the smashing we are […]

Saints Review & West Ham Preview.

Hello all. Once again off field activities have taken centre stage, our hero captain has become a villain. Spin, PR and half-truths are the order of the day. So it’s a busy podcast as we try to look at two games and the Aubameyang debacle. Pedantic George

Arsenal Didn’t Play Worse Than Normal.

Hello everyone, how are yaaaaaaaaaaaaa? In the podcast we look at the performance against Everton and I conclude it was one that reflected the underlying metrics that have been present in most games . It was not a particularly bad performance, it was what I expect to see now. I don’t understand the outrage in […]

Bashing Arteta Now, wont help anyone.

Good morning all, How are you? In this podcast we dissect the hugely disappointing performance and result in Manchester and look at what attacking Arteta at this point will achieve. I conclude that nothing good will come from a campaign against him, we are “all in” and have to let it play out. Please listen […]