Arteta Smashes His Critics

Hello all.

On the latest podcast the aging trio prostrate themselves at the alter of Arteta and beg the forgiveness of him and the heroes that never doubted his magnificence, following a decent result and performance against the mighty West Ham. Are you having that?

Oh and we briefly look at the smashing we are about to give to Leeds.

Pedantic George

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64 comments on “Arteta Smashes His Critics

  1. Wot a mad game spurs v Liverpool.
    A definite red Kane. As Mandy said protected once again as the refs bottled it.
    The chances missed by spurs were incredible. They could have scored six or seven it was that mad!
    Funny enough Salah was obscure in this game.
    Liverpool were simply outdone by simple balls over the top to Kane and Song time and time again.
    I can’t see past City for the title.
    For spurs they will definitely drop more points as their defence is just too shambolic.

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  2. TBH I thought Xhaka should of got sent off in the spuds Liverpool game.

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  3. Morgi
    Dec 18
    Serie A: 98% of players double vaccinated.

    Ligue 1: 95% of players double vaccinated.

    Bundesliga: 94% of players double vaccinated.

    La Liga: 90%+ of players double vaccinated.

    Premier League: 68% of players doubled vaccinated.

    Only one league with fixtures being cancelled.

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  4. Xhaka got away with it and should have seen red. But he’s due a rub of the old green! Arteta does need to have a word with him, but I suppose a leopard can’t change its spots. Xhaka is what he is.
    The penalty though by Benjamin what a daft tackle and then hilariously celebrating with ramesdale.!!!! I had to chuckle, unbelievable but I am glad we have such characters.
    I also thought ramesdale got lucky with that clearance which he inexplicably lofted just an inch wide of a Leeds player. Could have gifted them a goal.
    Gabriel though wow he is quietly becoming one the best defenders in the league, hands down he makes team of the season on current form. He’s just brilliant!
    Seems Smith Rowe will continue to be super sub. But if he comes on and scores every time he won’t mind too much.
    I love the way Saka plays his ball control is so natural!
    For my money Martinelli is the best youngster we have. He’s the real deal that rare combination of talent and end product.
    Let’s hope Tomiyasu injury is minor, we can’t afford to lose him. Cedric came on and immediately you could see the gulf.


  5. reports in Italy say Arsenal are keen to sign two Juventus players Arthur Melo & Dejan Kulusevski in January, with Juventus keen on signing Aubameyang, initially on loan


  6. tfl no way was the Xhaka challenge a red card offence, he probably should have got a yellow, so all he got away with was a booking.


  7. We see tackles like that all the time and remember Xhaka staid on his feet he got the ball and happened to hit Raphinas ankle.
    The tackle on Tommy was far worse as he left the floor and slid in he was definitely out of control.
    Every tackle Xhaka makes is judged as if he was Vinny Jones.
    Other players get away with murder e.g. Kane today. Our media judge players differently it is really important we don’t get drawn into their bias and support our true Captain.

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  8. ian seeing as you mention our true captain, it made a thought spring to mind about our Captain yesterday, and adds to my points yesterday about PEA clearly not suiting the style we play, and that Lacca is better at what is needed but is still lacking much of what is needed. Yes he was well involved in our play yesterday, even in a couple of the goals, but it was more huff and puff and ball falling right to team mates for the two goals, I’m not sure he can or will play a whole lot better than yesterday, he might be as good against some better teams, but will he score much for us, did he even remotely look like scoring yesterday, did he test their keeper. If he did I can’t recall it. That is why I am of the view that we need a better, more suitable main striker for this team to really click, someone who will bring what Lacca does, and much more too. Now as I said yesterday, who that is I don’t know, can we get whoever it is and can we win whatever financial battle their would be for such a striker, all remain to be seen.

    Some reports suggest that Dominic Calvert-Lewin is high on our list of possible targets, as is Ollie Watkins, another mentioned is Ivan Toney. So would any of those 3 be the upgrade on Lacazette that we need.


  9. so how much rotation should be done for the Sunderland game on Tuesday, should PEA be back in the squad.
    Mari and Sambi are out with Covid. No mention of AMN, so if he is fit, add him to yesterdays subs, if we bring back PEA into the team and we have 11 easy changes to the starting team if we want, and still be strong.

    Cedric, Chambers, Holding, Tavares
    AMN, Elneny
    Pepe, ESR, PEA

    and we can stack the bench with first choice players as a safeguard. Or add in a few of the better youths, like Balogun, Patino, Biereth, Salah-Eddine, Rekik etc etc


  10. I really like Laca but in reality you are dead right and if we don’t sell him we would be making the same mistake we made with Auba.
    Personally I believe Eddie is good enough that if given a real chance can be as good as the likes of Calvert – Lewin.
    Martinelli is a natural striker so shouldn’t we buying a left winger or use ESR on that side as a Pires type player.
    Pepe looks far more dangerous on his natural side.
    Before we start buying expensive players that may or may not work and sell our academy lads, making the youngsters at the club question their route to the first team and therefore more likely to leave.
    We do need a player that can play with their back towards goal which we haven’t had since Giroud left. Eddie’s hold up play is very good although arielally he would need to improve.
    The first thing any manager should do is recognise the ability in his own squad and make the most use of it at the moment Mikel takes a long time doing this or misses it entirely.


  11. David
    Saliba about missing the Coupe de France finale in 2020: “a final, not something you play every year. It’s hard to get to the Final. We had a very good run. It leaves you a bitter taste (thinking about it) and it’s still in a corner of my head (I’m still thinking about it)”


  12. ian I can’t see Laca being sold in January, with his contract up in the summer, he would be silly to agree to any sale when he is free to sign a pre contract deal with foreign clubs in January.

    Same with Eddie.

    as for Martinelli as a main striker, I’m not sure he has the attributes we need for a main striker, as you said we need someone who can play with their back to goal, and I’m not sure that is in his locker at all. But he is good in the air.


  13. Ed, sorry I probably wasn’t clear. What I was saying was we need to sell Laca rather than let him walk away although your right he probably wouldn’t agree to the sale unless we made it favourable for him
    As far as Gab is concerned I was saying he could play as an attacking striker and we used Eddie or someone else as the different type. I agree Gab might struggle in that role. The only other thing about this is the modern striker plays all sorts of roles throughout the game overloading left right coming deep, pressing and tackling all of which Gab already does.


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