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Arsenal Back From The Brink

You either believe in this team – or you don’t. You either believe Arsene is still a great manager – or you don’t. I do, but I have to admit  my faith has been tested of late. In the context of what has gone before, yesterdays performance  was truly exceptional. So lets take a moment […]

Could I Stop Supporting Arsenal; Have YOU Stopped Already?

I was asked a simple and fair question on twitter some time ago by Andy Wood ‏@yorkshiregunner . “Tell me George, will you still support Arsenal when Arsene leaves?” (As people continue to misquote my reply here again  is the blog I wrote about it) Now I understand that it was a snide question, a […]

The Arsenal Blame Game

I can’t bring myself to talk about last night. It was horribly poor and unlucky. Our season has stuttered. It looks like the title challenge is over. In fact after last night fourth is looking like it might be close. Someone or something must be to blame. I mean people are disappointed, hurt, angry, they […]

Now That Was A Shambles

If you want a difficult job, start a blog. call it Positively Arsenal, then sit back and wait to be beaten 6 0 by the team that is everything you detest in the game, and then do a write up. I feel like taking to my bed, pulling the sheets over my head and whimpering […]

Chelsea And The Legacy.

A very hard game today, but win, lose or draw, this is our club, team and manager. All we have to do is support them. It really is that simple. Now here are some words from Zim Paul on The Boss ” Interesting match coming up. Should Arsenal be nervous with so many out for […]

STOP THE PRESS!! Exposing The Media’s Anti-Arsenal Agenda

Today’s post is by Muppet It’s not too hard to find anti-Arsenal sentiment in any given week of the season. The narrative in the press after the Bayern defeat was indicative. It told us that Arsenal were simply not good enough, whilst plucky City deserved better. In the backdrop of the Stoke defeat, we have […]

You Live In Hope, Don’t You?

I am indebted to Yankee Gooner, one of the people I follow on Twitter, who reminded me of this little gem from Fever Pitch: How could Nick Hornby suggest that back in the dim and distant anyone could possibly devote so much time and obsession to supporting a team that on the face of things […]

A Win Is A Win

I was about to rack my brains and come up with an article about yesterdays game, full in the knowledge that most will have seen it and read about it already. However, I saw the post by Zim Paul and thought “that’s what I should be writing” So here it is . “Sometimes a game […]

An Early Eye On The Sunday

Today we have a guest post from @anicoll5 An interesting week for us and the neighbours. Our trip to Munich yielding a respectable result and a good performance against a team who are currently better than we are at football, I know, I know, but it has to be said. The only frustration an injury […]

An Old Cock And Bull Story

Today we revisit a classic tale where Frank looks back, more in sorrow than in anger, to re-tell a chilling tale of a long-lost summer of love, terrible betrayal and lots of super furry animals.  Today’s page turner … I was mugged in Seven Sisters. To be accurate I was attacked in Seven Sisters since […]