STOP THE PRESS!! Exposing The Media’s Anti-Arsenal Agenda

Today’s post is by Muppet

It’s not too hard to find anti-Arsenal sentiment in any given week of the season.

The narrative in the press after the Bayern defeat was indicative. It told us that Arsenal were simply not good enough, whilst plucky City deserved better.

In the backdrop of the Stoke defeat, we have also been condemned to 4th place, veritable also-rans in the title race. The bookies followed suit, condemning us to long odds of 16/1 despite being on the same number of points currently as Liverpool.

Neil Ashton

The Daily Mail’s infamous Neil Ashton, presenter on Sky Sports’ Sunday Supplement, on Twitter @neilashton_

Incredibly, Neil Ashton of the Daily Mail has written a piece, steeped in unbelievable hypocrisy, where he comes out with the risible claim that Spuds have overachieved in the Redknapp years and this over-expectation is now causing unrest amongst fans. Even if we were to entertain these falsehoods – which they are, given their £280m+ transfer net spend – they reek of huge hypocrisy, a bare-faced attempt by a journalist to stick up for one club whilst happily sticking the knife into another;  in this instance it’s us, despite the reality of the comparison being much more in our favour. Indeed, our zero net spend in the transfer market is never mentioned in the press. It is not convenient.  And how the piece actually has truer parallels amongst Arsenal fans is an irony lost on Ashton.

Neil Ashton’s recent form in the last 2 weeks is to say that Ozil was “Nicking a living”. In tandem, the Mirror produced a back page headline, at half time, castigating Ozil’s 1st half performance against Bayern, not knowing he had a hamstring problem:

nicking a living

Daily Mail’s disgraceful headline from 11th March 2014 – http://dailym.ai/Ojlqq9

The Daily Mirror’s John Cross, too, got into the act, redacting statements on Twitter hurriedly, in the face of a huge backlash from Arsenal fans.

Adrian Durham, another staple of the gutter press. regularly espouses arrant nonsense on TalkSport. Durham claims to like Arsenal, which is quite bonkers, given his notorious “Daily Arsenal” show, which gleefully rejoices at whatever misfortune comes our way, and sneers at any Arsenal fans who go on the radio station to defend the club.

Adrian Durham

Sneering TalkSPORT radio presenter, Daily Mail columnist and published author, Adrian Durham, on Twitter @talkSPORTDrive

The only saving grace of Durham, is that he has correctly targeted Spuds incompetence in recent times, making him a hate figure across North London. Durham loves to champion moral causes, but fails to mention financial fair play or excesses by huge clubs. When you confront him about the pathetic lack of progress of Manchester City in the champions league, you get the reply, as I did:

“That’s strange, one supporter talking about another club.”

Andy Dunn

“Amateurish” Andy Dunn – Sunday Mirror sports columnist and Chairman of the Football Writers’ Association, on Twitter @AndyDunn_SM

Another anti-Arsenal sceptic is Andy Dunn.

Despite us being competive pretty much all season, our title challenge was dismissed back in November, even following our recent 2-0 win over Liverpool at home. Forced to backtrack on his claim that we couldn’t win the title, he said we wouldn’t win it. Dunn doesn’t seem to miss an opportunity to put the knife into the Arsenal management, be it Wenger or the board. In August he claimed that the way we were going about our business was “amateurish”.

On September 29th, he pens an article attacking the “lack of ambition” of Stan Kroenke, saying:

“You sense trophies would be a nice bonus on top of the real business – the smooth running of a financially-successful franchise.”

This is all very interesting, but Amateurish Andy offers no context about the competition and environment that we find ourselves in.  Sneering at Kroenke is all well and good, but this is just another example of a journalist who doesn’t understand economics.

It’s very simple.

Arsenal refuse to inject money into players wages or transfers that is not earned by the club.  Other clubs continue to do this.

A Mirror hack to watch out for is Darren Lewis.

Darren Lewis

Darren Lewis, another Daily Mirror journalist – this one describes himself as ‘a football fan’, on Twitter @MirrorDarren

Almost certainly a Spud.

With statements like “Why Spurs now have bigger fish to fry than Arsenal”, he suggested that the gap was narrowing in 2012. Other articles include asking Arsenal fans to admit why Spurs were no longer the poor relations. Darren Lewis made a fictitious claim that Joachim Low told Ozil that he would miss the World Cup, which is complete nonsense. After reviewing a selection of Lewis’s articles, it is pretty clear, that like Andy Dunn, he does not have a good word to say about Arsenal.

Pundits and Commentators

Understandably there is a lot of anti-Arsenal sentiment amongst pundits, a lot of them ex-Chelsea, Man Utd and Liverpool players.  Michael Owen, Tony Gale, Tony Cascarino are the worst perpetrators. Gale in particular just hates Arsenal and makes no attempt to hide it. How he gets away with commentating for Chelsea is beyond belief.

Cascarino is so stupid he said that “Chamakh was having a holocaust”, which almost finished his ‘career’.

Owen? He is too stupid even to comment on.

Apart from the individuals, more worryingly is the on-going stupidity of the narrative about Arsenal. Every competition we enter there is always a reminder that it’s 9 years without a trophy. Never mind that our Champions League progression in each and every year has eclipsed Manchester City since 2005.

Other annoying examples are that we don’t have a striker, when we have Podolski, Walcott and Giroud.

The questioning of a weak bench when we have eight to ten 1st team players injured.

The lack of acknowledgement of the significance of the absence of Ramsey and Walcott.

The continuing pressure to spend money, particularly in the January transfer window.

My question to the press and pundits is this – City have spent £1 billion, and their return is 1 FA Cup, 1 League title and 1 Carling Cup – is that a good return on their investment ? I would argue no. The narrative of spending money is very rarely directed at Real Madrid, a club and a team that I don’t particularly rate, who have spent similar money over the last 10 years, but have only won 1 Champions league trophy. Real Madrid are the most egregious example of media hype, considering their lack of relative achievement to their net spend.

This is not an attack on Real Madrid, but on the media.

Alan Brazil this morning was trumpeting Ronaldo and Bale this morning. But so what ? A fully fit Arsenal team would match them in my view.

The media narrative and anti-Arsenal bias continues to be self-serving and is part of the entertainment game that is being played out.

Nobody wants to question the vast sums of money being circulated, because they want to be part of it. The media talks up the need for Arsenal to spend and get in on the act. How they still do this following the embarassement of Spuds £100 million pound spend, as former owner Lord Sugar put it: “Like kids in a sweet shop”, is baffling.

If anything, the Spuds debacle shows that patient value acquisitions, achieved over time by Wenger, is the only sustainable model.

But we won’t hear of this.

The “industry” will continue to produce sensationalist headlines for the reactionary wing of the Arsenal fan base to gorge on. The same press that calls for Arsenal to spend money, and when we do, try to label them a flop.

Right now the tide is turning in our favour, and the media know this. They cannot cope with the narrative as it stands, so expect a lot of revisionism and a change of emphasis. Now that we have more money the attacks will come now about what success we should expect, and what “big” players are underperforming.

It will probably get worst.

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136 comments on “STOP THE PRESS!! Exposing The Media’s Anti-Arsenal Agenda

  1. Benitez’s comments on the Football media here after his move to Napoli were priceless!

    “They never ask me about tactics etc.” as in they had no interest in the actual football.


  2. My crystal football tells me that the genius that is Mourinhio will plop for Lumpy in midfield and Oscar on the bench (Lumpy is better at hacking).

    We all know how Gazprom will set up.
    More interesting will be Arsenal’s selections. Rosicky and Chamberlain to start as they did the last two games, or will they swap over? I don’t know. But I’m looking forward to watching them play.


  3. Win %

    Arsene Wenger
    999 games

    1000 games


  4. Bit of good fortune – just picked up a Citeh ticket, 2nd row upper tier

    Had my eye on the Exchange for a few days and neatly paid an arm and a leg for a Club spare

    Hoot hoot


  5. Well done Andy: mind you, even upper tier for such a match probably costs an arm these days. But well worth it when you see us pick up our 9th point in 8 days.

    I’ve just looked at the training pictures on the site and there is a tall young lad there that I didn’t recognise. Not KK (who is quite tall but not so young) and not Sanogo, because I think I can recongise him now. All help gratefully received.
    The prominence of KK in the pics might suggest he is close to selection. Were there to be the footballing deity that Hunter was invoking last night, can he please ensure a KK free kick special from 25 yards that secures a defensively perfect 0 -1?

    Yes – for all those reasons.


  6. I think it is Semi Ajayi FH ( I would not put money on it)



  7. anicoll5
    March 21, 2014 at 4:27 pm



  8. Sounds good H13 – anyone else up for pre match refreshments – How about the George in Eden Grove ?


  9. yes wherever ..il find it

    im jealous of the prize they gave to wenger, the golden cannon…i want one


  10. “It is not possible to have 1,000 matches unless the club is also a fantastic club in the way they support their manager, especially in the bad moments and especially when the bad moments were quite a lot.” – Mourinho

    Fuck the classless prick. Cant even genuinely compliment Wenger even during this rare milestone. Even Ferguson’s tribute felt genuine.

    Mourinho is a fucking dick head popping out of an asshole.

    Please boys, for the love of Denis, for Arsenal and Arsene, whoop those asses tomorrow! Use your quality, skill and strength to smith them down with impunity.

    Fucking attention seeking man child prick.


  11. smite them down*

    When you are pissed, your spelling goes down.

    Mourinho is a fucking little prick.


  12. The carbon monoxide of publicity perhaps, Andrew? Or maybe just the hydrogen sulphide. Keep em alive but make them stink.


  13. I’m going to miss the nine trophyless years.


  14. Fellow Posidivas, here is an exceptional tribute to Arsene Wenger from the man who brought him to Arsenal: thank you so much Mr David Dein.


  15. Another relatively decent pass for the chelski mercenaries in the CL. ROMAN has been greasing the freaking wheels again??
    Lets turn the basterds over this weekend . Put them in their proper fu•••Ng place.


  16. Peter Hill-Wood
    “Without him and the success he brought to us, we would never have been able to finance the new stadium.”

    Case closed,


  17. Something like this assuming TR doesn’t pass the fitness test.

    Sagna BFG Kos Gibbs
    Flamini Arteta
    Gnabry Cazorla Ox

    Fab, Jenkinson, Monreal, TV, Podolski, KK, Giroud

    But think how it could have been had Diaby, Wilshere, Ozil, Ramsey and Walcott all been available.


  18. If there was any justice in the world we will win handsomely tomorrow, a victory for all that’s right in football over money, lack of class and everything that is wrong in the modern game.
    As we approach the game the odds are not good, our record in the last eleven games at the bridge, Arsene’ s record against maureen, chelski’ s home record and of course ARSENAL carrying their now infamous injury list.
    When you lay the cards on the table coming away with any points would be a major achievement and a win would be amazing. This club, this Manger and indeed this team have been into the lions den before, given no chance of survival by the experts and press alike and managed to come away with victories and we have many the opposition trophy heads to prove it. We may need another stoic performance but we are capable.


  19. in my head i am already enjoying the moment.

    the moment when arsenal beat chelsea.

    the final whistle rings in my ears.

    if these is one game i want arsenal to win.

    if there is one game i want the players to lift their game for. if there is one game i want arsene the invincible to win.

    if there is one game that not just defines the tital race, but all the greatness, class and goodness that is left in this world of football


    common arsenal, for today is not just about 3 points nor is it about title race nor is it about bragging rights nor is it about “making a statement” nor is it about vengeance against an insignificant fool nor is it about arsene wenger.

    i can picture the goals..one from podolski, one from giroud and one from koscienly.

    3-0 to the good.


  20. I want the 3 – 5 from a couple years back, but the 3 replaced with Nil.

    Apropos @ 04:13

    Good post and links. I remember them both.

    Finsbury (around Midday)

    Great stuff.


  21. Arsene Wenger pre Chelsea vs Arsenal


    north London , indeed all LONDON IS RED&WHITE !!!!!!!
    kill them mercenary ba$••••$.


  23. Arsene is pure class and his intellect shines through. The translator on the other hand, although obviously educated, cannot command the same sort of respect and tries to be too clever leaving him with just arrogance.
    it is clear that although Both ARSENAL and manchester utd were big clubs before Arsene and old red nose arrived there, both men had a profound effect on the status and modernisation of the powerhouses they were driving. The thing that really grates on maureen is roman is the driver at chelski and would collect trophies sooner or later irrespective of the special one, the funny one, the one the fans wanted to stay or even the one the fans hated. Both ARSENAL and utd needed their managers to be great but the bus driver is just one of many and for someone with such a big ego must lose sleep at night just thinking about it.


  24. Interesting match coming up. Should Arsenal be nervous with so many out for “the big one’? No, not at all. We’re on a decent run importantly against top opposition, the momentum so far good, Flamini/Arteta axis looks sorted and quietly effective, Ox and Tomas are in tremendous attacking form, Lukas and Gnabs in contention too, the defense is as solid as can be, the keeper too, and Santi is a match winner. Chelsea are just slightly weakened with Ramirez out, the key player for them in an Arsenal type match and a thorn in our side; the other Brazil fella not so much, useful, but we could contain him anyway. Eto’o, now there’s one we need to keep an eye on. He can’t sustain it anymore, but still has that eye for goal from any angle, and will shoot.

    Many decent and mostly fair comments on the millennium, the best of which simply says only two managers of this generation have actually left a legacy, Rednose and Arsene, which I think is a fair decent summary from a neutral’s perspective. The full story of Arsene Arsenal is far from told, but tellingly Wenger intimates the gong drought years are his most important accomplishment, including the Invincibles. Well, that’s been our narrative for some time, only Wenger told it better, simpler. As the money got siphoned to the stadium over 7 years (and Arsene is too polite to say it but we can, in the same period Chelsea and later City, and in their lesser way Yoo and even Pool, would contort the entire fabric of EPL football with tycoon wealth and juggernaut buying), the single critical factor was to stay in CL, year after year, for financial reasons. Failure to do so would have placed the everything in jeopardy, threatening the club.

    One day people will ask the sensible question, it’ll take time but it will be asked because its the only question. How the hell did you manage to do it Wenger, it has never and had never been done in this context? In fact, there is no parallel whatsoever, it is a singular story. Wenger had so much against him, the pressure must have been immense, especially every last 3 or so months of every season (which Arsene mentions)? Because I had to will be his answer, because we had to. And that courage, humility and intellect (that threesome so often in tandem) will become obvious to all.

    And players who themselves knew only part will want to say, “I was part of the amazing story”. And some will because they truly were, and some won’t or will say something forgettable because they deserted, ducked or deflated – in the selfish way of foolish young footballers and their agents – Arsenal’s great quest for something called legacy.

    The legacy will outlive every other memory, failure or victory on the field or trophy quests. It will outlive us all, and all the players too. In time it will simply be a chapter in the entire history of football in England, and so will outgrow even Arsenal itself.


  25. What a beautiful piece writing from Zim. He absolutely “gets” it and has brought a tear to my eye.
    “How did you do it?” “Because I had to.”
    True noblesse oblige.
    Thaks Zim – and even more thanks to Arsene, of course.


  26. A particularly wonderful Sky Sports tribute to AW, well worth catching.

    It’s ironic that in the same week Muppet sucessfully and very effectively calls out the media for their activities in trying to undermine the club we have a whole series of programmes seemingly dedicated to the opposite.

    Given the storm of positive responses I’ve seen to all of this, maybe, just maybe, they might seek to rebalance at least some of their future output?

    Who am I kidding?!!

    Enjoy: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wgPGTWPiMzc


  27. I think that the press and the media are actually responding to Moopay’s article. Seems they are terrified of him.and rightly so.

    Quietly confident today……




    Ok I lied about the quiet bit


  28. … and understated your confidence …


  29. Thanks for the link, AA. Was very enjoyable watching.

    [kid taps window, Arsene winds it down]
    Kid: Mr Wenger, ‘I’ can play for Arsenal.
    [Arsene pauses]
    AW: I am sure you can play for Arsenal. But the question is, how well.

    [John Motson interviewing Arsene]
    JM: How good of a player were you really?
    AW: I was the best player.
    AW: In my village.
    [another pause]
    AW: And it was a very small village.

    Lol. That man is not just an all round good guy, he’s got jokes as well.


  30. “The only saving grace of Durham, is that he has correctly targeted Spuds incompetence in recent times…”

    Sorry Muppet only just realised the potential error here: anyone who called for Dawson to play for England this season (Durham did) cannot be correct about anything at all. Ever. This shock jock has got himself tangled up in the (jock) straps.

    Speaking of creaking lumps Walcott could’ve given the waning Terry and right footed LB nightmares today. Only the Chelsea LB did not play in the 3-5 of the current Chelsea back five/six? The Arsenal back five were playing or in the squad for that game. The hype around today’s match has glossed over the understanding that the players from both sides will not be focused on any irrelevant records. Their thoughts will be on the football.

    Come on Arsenal!


  31. From twitter:

    All over the World Wenger’s 1000 game marked by players, journos, fans. Arsenal fan groups (bin dippers, not so nice but dim Tim) stay silent.


  32. With ‘friends’ like them, who needs any enemies.


  33. Thanks to George Adi and Andrew for providing a space free from such bitter twisted and disingenious fools.


  34. So it is the same team that played against the Scum last Sunday. Not surprising to me. Given our current resources this is the most balance XI available. Good mix of experienced and young players on the bench.

    PS: Good job Muppet. Been under the gun so I’ve really had no time to comment.


  35. ArsenalAndrew

    I’m just wiping up, having watched the link you posted. Thanks so much.

    I’d read much of what Dein had to say, but seeing it was something else.

    I’ve written a diatribe about the included negativity in that film but have now decided against posting it. After all, at least 95% of this piece was wonderful.

    Thanks for posting.

    Come On You Gunners.


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