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Arsenal: Mine is the night, with all her stars

Gf60 concludes his series of Arsenal League triumphs with a look at the 26th May 1989; When the South African Broadcasting Corporation decided to suspend normal Friday night TV programming to bring us the match live, some magic just had to be afoot. Football in the then rugby dominated, white supremacist South Africa? Take off […]

Arsenal: The first Double 1971

By popular demand Gf60 writes; I’d not really come down from winning the league at WHL but already a panic.Having tried during my 4 week break with no joy, HOW to get a ticket for the Cup final? I finally conceded that tomorrow I’d be a box watcher. But, my luck continued. Late that evening, […]

Arsenal: On to the Lane May’71

Gf60 provides the second  leg of his League trophy journey; To this day, I wonder what made me think that I could go the flicks, watch a lunch time screening of “Get Carter” in Muswell Hill and get to the spuds in good time for the game? With some 40 000 locked out, the Gods […]

Transfers: Arsenal vs Fake News

Once upon a very long time ago, the end of the football season was a time to quit cold turkey, to no longer obsess over the next game, to not twitch nervously like an addict waiting for the next hit. As a compulsive coffee drinker, I have been there. But the end of the football […]

Arsenal: Champions of England

Gf60 writes; Friday May 1st 1953, 2 months short of my 11th birthday and I’m allowed to go unaccompanied to my first night game. It is the last game of the season…… Burnley. A win makes us League champions. A draw or loss makes for tears. Burnley had feelings for their near neighbours *(Preston and scared […]

Arsenal’s Manifesto For Success

I thought it was about time, in keeping with other blogs, that Positively Arsenal released a manifesto with a clear plan of how Arsene Wenger and the club should proceed, in order to meet our requirements. I’ve brought all of my knowledge of football and running a billion pound company to bear. Of course this, […]

Arsenal: The game to remember

Gf60 writes; My most exciting game (outside of championship deciders and cup finals). Isn’t it strange that when you cast your mind back over literally hundreds of games that really got you going, drenched with sweat, hoarse, really exhausted as though you’d covered every blade of grass on the pitch yourself, that a lost game […]

Who Believes Arsenal Is Paying £100 Million For Mbappé?

The British elections took a huge chunk of wind out of the sails of the transfer rumor mongers. But as sure as night follows day, unless Theresa May commits some other major hubristic political blunder between now and August, the click-whoring media will resume regular service. Transfer gossip it seems unites all parties, whether Conservative, […]

Arsenal: The Football Rattle

GF60 writes; This was written some 6 years ago and at last we have to concede that St. Tott’s can have a break. But at least we have a pot to show for it and can claim that we’ve won the league, cup and shield on their home ground! There are no games in the season […]

No, It Was Not Wenger’s Worst Season

Bob the Blogger is “not worth two bob” and he is  “nicking a living.”  Neil Ashton may never live down this damning epitaph to his ignorance and bias (no matter how well paid and protected by his employers in the mainstream media) but I have no doubt about the accuracy of my findings after reviewing […]