Arsenal: The first Double 1971


By popular demand Gf60 writes;

I’d not really come down from winning the league at WHL but already a panic.Having tried during my 4 week break with no joy, HOW to get a ticket for the Cup final? I finally conceded that tomorrow I’d be a box watcher. But, my luck continued. Late that evening, my uncle Ken, who’d been a ball boy for Arsenal in the 1936 final, came up with a ticket. Happiness was. I’d only been to one final before, Everton beating Sheffield 3-2, courtesy of the FA donating tickets to lower leagues and whilst that was exciting for a neutral, there was no passion. And passion was going to be on tap today.

So off to Wembley. But how did I get there? A lift; bus; train? Sadly that memory vanished as has the journey back.  I do remember though that a) it was bloody hot and b) there was no nonsense with either sets of supporters, indeed warm congratulations from the Scousers walking back up Wembley Way.

This was our side (courtesy of Wikipedia)

GK 1 Bob Wilson  
RB 2 Pat Rice  
LB 3 Bob McNab  
RM 4 Peter Storey  64′
CB 5 Frank McLintock (c)
CB 6 Peter Simpson
LM 7 George Armstrong
CM 8 George Graham
ST 9 John Radford
ST 10 Ray Kennedy
CM 11 Charlie George
MF 12 Eddie Kelly  64′


Biased as usual, I remember thinking when full time came around scoreless that we’d deserved to win but the cross bar, goal line clearances and good keeping from Ray Clemence had kept us out.

Extra time was going to be painful……..it had stayed hot and must have been agony for the players. Even greater agony and a note on my seat. I realised early on that there was a reason for the late ticket. It had to be just about the worst seat for viewing in the ground. Right in the corner, virtually pitch level and Steve Heighway’s shot past Bob Wilson early in the first half of extra time, would have hit me in the face had the net not got in the way. Bloody hell, I got a really good view of that. Frank McLintock ran around to us supporters asking us for more, keep up the noise level. Difficult Frankie,  we’d not stopped.

And then, our equalizer. “George took that chance so calmly” I said to a neighbour. Everyone saw “George Graham’s equalizer” only for subsequent showings to prove it was Eddie Kelly’s goal. Maybe George had taken Clemence’s eye off the ball but Eddie as he had against Stoke 2 weeks back, scored the all important goal.  And then the great finale, Charlie stepping on to Big Raddie’s pass and scoring a 20 yarder. Will his celebration ever be forgotten? It must have been screened hundreds of times since.



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  1. Great memory Ian, from the corner flag and Frank giving you the thumbs up… all many years before I was even born.

    Oh man, though few and few between, Arsenal do give us the best days of our lives. I’m looking forward to the next installment… the Anfield summer of ’89. “Passion on tap” – I love that.

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  2. Thank you Ian – on the day in question I was a definite 11 year old box watcher, glued to the action on what I also remember as a red hot Spring day. Bob Wilson got a bit of stick for the Heighway goal – beaten at his near post etc. We were a great TEAM that season though, never beaten until the final whistle blew.

    The FA Cup was an absolute highlight, from the late morning start at the team hotel, coaches leaving then arriving at Wembley about 2ish, the managers leading the sides out … the atmosphere built up beautifully to the first kick off.

    Any game that was on the TV in those days, and there were few enough of them, always allowed a few minutes kick about at half time in the garden – perhaps I should try five minutes of keepie-uppie now rather than fighting on Twitter ? ( shocked face)

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  3. And I had to share this 16 second clip with you all of you – watch referee Norman Burtenshaw as he blows his whistle at the end of the Final

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  4. One of the great referees at the time was Norman Burtenshaw – obviously a well known modern referee ( who need not be named) has modelled his ‘celebratory’ style on him.


  5. Why was Burtenshaw celebrating? It was him giving penance for allowing the Leeds goal that was blatantly off-side 2 weeks earler.

    From the Leeds History site
    “At that moment the Leeds centre-half looked a clear two or three yards offside as Wilson came at him. His shot hit the foot of the post, came back at him and rebounded into the Arsenal net for victory.

    “The official version – the Leeds official version, that is – was that the ball had touched McNab before it crossed the line, which made it a good goal. Yet Charlton himself surely was offside before McNab made his last ditch effort to recover the situation. There it was, another neurotic, excitable and tense finish to a relentless battle. At that moment, with the referee pointing to the centre of the field, the Arsenal players jostled and bustled both the referee and the relevant linesman.

    “One could only feel sadness for Arsenal. For this to have happened to them in injury time was hard enough to bear. For it to happen with a goal which none of them will ever believe was legitimate will doubtless make it unbearable and enter their dreams for a long time to come.”

    The Arsenal players harried referee Burtenshaw all the way back to the centre circle, protesting vigorously as they went.”

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  6. Well spotted Millsy. I posted before I watched the Leeds extract.. See what I mean though? It was a sad journey home, made worse by losing 3 quid at cards!

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  7. Ian what about a write up on that game sometime, perhaps all your memories versus Leeds?
    I cant find any footage of the replay v Stoke. The first game was a cracker for sure.
    Does anyone know why they got rid of the third place playoffs?


  8. Wonderful stuff gf60 – thank you. This game more than any other is why I’m here now reading your post, sharing your memories. It’s the game which hooked me onto the Arsenal. I envy you that seat no matter how poor the view.

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  9. AFCPressWatch‏ @AFCPressWatch2 2h2 hours ago

    Arsenal to launch their Puma away kit in Australia on 13 July while the third kit launch is scheduled to take place in London 28 July. #AFC


  10. reports in Portugal that Chris Willock is joining Benfica B, he has been out there since Thursday, as of yet its not known if he has signed a new Arsenal deal and is going there on loan, or if he is going on a Bosman.


  11. I see many Arsenal fans underwhelmed with the idea of Lacazette signing for us, anything from – if he was any good we would have signed him before now, to, he can’t displace Giroud for France so he can’t be any good, He is nothing but a penalty merchant and of course we get, why not go for Aubameyang.

    Well if Arsene Wenger is willing to break our transfer record for Lacezette, then who are we to disagree. Anyway, just to answer some of the above statements.

    if he was any good we would have signed him before now

    well if reports are to be believed we bid £35M for him last summer but Lyon refused to sell him, so if true would this not suggest that all we are seeing is Wenger do as he usually does with regard players he wants, taking whatever time it takes, be that one or two months, or one or two years. There is a long list of players he failed to get signed first, even second time of asking, but who eventually arrived, currently we have Ozil and Xhaka who we failed to get the first summer we tried for them. And in the past Henry and Pires are big examples of the patience of Wenger, and him wanting who he wants.

    he can’t displace Giroud for France so he can’t be any good

    AL is not a target man striker like Giroud, he is only 5ft 9in and if anything its Griezmann who is keeping him out of the French team, so no shame in that, as if there was any shame in Giroud keeping him out, our Ollie is one of the all time top scorers for France, he is only 3 goals short of being their 5th best ever scorer, and only 4 goals short of Zidane. Also managers differ and footballers die. Again if AW rates him who are we to disagree.

    He is nothing but a penalty merchant

    Yeah, I watched a youtube clip of his goals from last season, and was surprised by the amount of penalties in it, not sure how many but it seemed like 7 or 8. But if reports are accurate he has scored only 22 penalties in his career, but has 129 goals for lyon in 275 games, so over 100 goals from open play. Including season goals of 22, 31, 23, 37, over the last four seasons.

    why not go for Aubameyang.

    well yes Aubameyang has a very impressive scoring record, but he thrives on space, lots of room to run into, would he get that playing for AFC, I think not, while Lacazette is more suited to playing in tight areas, looks to me to be the better finisher, I watch lots of German football and despite his scoring record, it always amazes me the amount of easy chances PEA misses, and how it gets overlooked cos he scores lots too. PEA is Welbeck with more goals, while AL is a type of striker we don’t currently have in our first team squad.

    the odd thing about so many of those complaining about the possible signing of Lacazette are the ones who complained last summer that we did not sign him. Its almost as if they will complain no matter who we sign, even Mbappe.


  12. Anicoll, thank you, for the 7mins 14 seconds of the 1971 cup final!

    It WAS George Graham for the first goal, according to the clip!

    How memories elude and delude, we simple supporters.

    Thanks for the memories, an old fart and blazers? Cricket wise?

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  13. reports in Germany suggest that Schalke’s 22 year old German International midfielder Leon Goretzka is of interest to Arsenal, and that Schalke are open to the move cos as usual in Germany, Bayern Munich are up to their usual tricks, and are said to be trying to get the lad to run down the last year of his contract and join them next summer for free.
    Not for the first time, in fact not for the second, third, fourth etc etc time, BM are looking to take the best players from their rivals, but without paying the big bucks. And to think the ASB ask why Arsenal are not at the same level as BM seeing as we have similar income.

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  14. Lyon President Aulas confirms approach for Olivier Giroud

    Speaking in an interview with L’Équipe, Lyon President Jean-Michel Aulas confirmed that he has held discussions with Olivier Giroud over a possible move.

    “There has been an approach, at some point, for Giroud. He is a boy that we like, who scores lots of goals and who has a lot of ambition for Russia (World Cup). He told me personally that he wanted to take his time, that things were not completely defined with Arsenal, that he had a secret hope that he would be the number one striker next season. The key is Arsène Wenger. We are watching. We will try to very quickly sign a top European attacker.”


  15. Lyon President Aulas on Arsenal & Alexandre Lacazette deal: “It is premature to say that a deal will happen.”

    Speaking in an interview with L’Équipe that will be released in full tomorrow, Lyon President Aulas discussed suggestions that Alexandre Lacazette was set to join Arsenal.

    Have you received an offer from Arsenal for Alexandre Lacazette?

    I do not have the intention of rapidly letting Alexandre go, because there is still a desire from Atletico Madrid to bring him in on the 1st of January. Now, I will also be listening to what Alexandre has to say. I saw Arsène (Wenger), during the match between France and England. I was with Gérard Houllier (Lyon advisor) and I was led to be believed that he said to Gérard that there could be interest from Arsenal. But it is premature to say that a deal will be done. The first thing that needs to happen is that we have to do a very big deal before. We cannot let a player of his quality leave without having a replacement for him.

    We are hearing of an offer between €50m and €60m from Arsenal for Alexandre Lacazette.

    It will have to be at the very least that. Everyone knows that the offer from Atletico is €53m plus €12m in bonuses. That is €65m. As the Arsenal representatives have been told, a deal would occur around there. The price for a player who scores every year between 25 and 30 goals is at the very least that. But honestly, I have not yet considered Arsenal for the moment, because I thought that Alexandre would stay after his failed departure to Atletico Madrid.


  16. edu, although we may likely get lacazette at the end but no question, auba is a better player by some distance. but the negative is he goes to africa nations cup every two years. that might be the reason arsene is not in for him. welbs gets involve in play more than lacazette surely but rather than say auba is welbs plus goals, i’ll rather say he is combination of welbs and lacazette maybe plus some goals more. would i prefare him to lacazette? NO. he has told everyone who cares to listen that his dream is to play for madrid. so i wont buy a player who i’ll say next season that he is off to madrid no matter what we do or achieve.


  17. layksite the point about who is the better player actually misses the point I made, PEA might very well be the better player, but my point is that Lacca may actually suit our style of play better


  18. Super stuff, GF 60,

    You have hit the nail on the head for me, and even for those of us who did not see that Final, as a consequence of not yet being born, (lol) it put us in the mind of a passionate fan trying desperately to get an elusive ticket to go watch one of the best teams in the world – if not THE best team in the world making history.

    Loved it – thank you.

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  19. Great read and fantastic reminder of one of the most iconic goals of all time. What a shame that the current manager not only doesn’t value the cup but is light years from ever securing Wembley glory again.

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  20. our new free kick specialist


  21. afcstuff‏ @afcstuff 1h1 hour ago

    Confederations Cup semi-finals:

    Chile vs. Portugal (28 June)

    Germany vs. Mexico (29 June)


  22. I’d say there’s been about 1000% more talk about swap deals than there have been swap deals in the last decade and more.

    With their usual comedy skills The Star have jumped aboard and are now mooting us swapping Giroud with some Turkish geezer I’ve never heard of.

    It’s all overheated at the moment but I hope we can get someone signed in time for the tour


  23. Arsenal’s Josh Dasilva included in England squad for U19 Euros but Chris Willock left out

    Arsenal midfielder Josh Dasilva has been included in England’s final squad for the U19 European Championships, which will take place in Finland next month.

    A versatile player, Dasilva hasn’t previously represented England at any age group but impressed during a training camp. The young Lions will take on Bulgaria, the Netherlands and Germany in the group stages.

    Rather surprisingly, Chris Willock, who has scored three goals in ten appearances for England U19s, hasn’t made the cut for the final squad.

    Willock is likely to leave Arsenal on a free transfer, with Benfica appearing to be his destination.

    Posted in Uncategorized on June 26, 2017 by Jeorge Bird


  24. New post up


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