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To any new readers, Fred is a character and any resemblance to real people is purely accidental. PG To all PA readers, my name is John Paxford, and I’m a relation of Fred Paxford, who died about a month ago. We found in his last papers this note that he was hoping for me to […]

Was It The Best Point Of The Season?

Good morning all. This week @shotta_gooner and I look at the West Ham game , discus the chances of a top 8, 6 or 4 finish and for once I stand up and defend Arteta for his selections and tactics.

Arsenal Riding The Crest Of A Ripple

This afternoon at 3 P.M. Arsenal make the trip across London to take on West Ham United with a fully fit squad to pick from. Quite who Arteta will pick is beyond me, I suspect that Saka and Willian, both of who were doubts, wont be starting, As this is our last outing before the […]

The Process, The Points and The Joy of Spanking Spurs.

Good morning all. On this podcast with @shotta_gooner I start swallowing some of the humble pie that Arteta has been serving and talk about the performance, the marked recent improvement and Xhaka’s dominance in our midfield.

The Battle For North London’s Midtable.

Good morning all. At 4.30 P.M. Arsenal take on Spurs in the battle for the best midtable team in north London. We are 10th and just 7 points and 3 league positions behind them with 11 games to go. It’s a sorry state we find ourselves in but today is an opportunity to start putting […]

Burnley, Robbery, Bad Luck or Bad Finishing?

Good morning. In todays podcast @shotta_gooner and I look at the daylight robbery at Burnley, the wasted opportunities, the good play and the disastrous mistake that cost us 2 points. We credit Arteta for recent improvements and blame him for being in the position that we found ourselves in.

Burnley Will Be A Battle.

Good morning all. Another early start for us away at Burnley, and another different type of test for our fragile form. They beat us at The Emirates but we cant be that bad again. It truly was a horrible display, but we have improved recently and are playing much better than we did then. Then […]

No More Heroes Anymore?

Earlier today I saw a Tweet from Blackburn George asking his ‘followers’ who their current favourite player was, as well as proclaiming that Granit Xhaka was his. Certainly few could dispute that Xhaka has been one of, if not the, most consistently good players since Christmas: his appetite for hard work, his on-the-field leadership and […]

Now That’s What I Call Football – Finally!

In Today’s podcast @shotta_gooner and I wax lyrical about everything, including Arteta, This is what we have all been waiting , for ,surely? We saw everything come together against a good team. Arteta made some big calls and was vindicated, if we can moan when it’s bad we have to cheer when it’s this good. […]