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Arsenal Foudroyé

I suppose I should have sensed the risk as I arrived far too early at the Ems for the game with the stadium empty but for the corner of Monaco fans hooting and hollering, decked out in white and red plastic sheets and evidently determined to enjoy their last 16 tie despite arriving as under-dogs. […]

A Short Blog Of Despondency and Hope

Well, that was a disappointment wasn’t it? I don’t know about you but I didn’t sleep well last night. Ridiculous really how much of an emotional impact a reversal on a football pitch can inflict isn’t it? If an uninvolved bystander such as myself is so crestfallen after the match (and contrary to what others […]

Grace Under Fire

Monaco, ah Monaco. How well I remember your tight twisting turns, your dark tunnel, the difficulty of shaving a half second from my best lap time and the despair as Pete the Greek or The Lizard Man shot past me on the home straight. Our race evenings with the Sega Megadrive were dissolute affairs and […]

Horses For Courses ?

A guest post from @foreverheady   I really don’t like games that start at 3 on a Saturday: they are so last century, and we certainly got a last century pitch to play on yesterday. Three o’clock means of course you only get to see the game if you actually go, and yesterday only 24,721 […]

People In Glass Houses

The other day our good friend Bradyesque7 was musing upon the whole theme of racism, generalisations, football fandom and other such pertinent matters arising from the news of the day. Has his finger right up on the pulse of the Zeitgeist that lad and it’s a good job too because for yours truly the outside […]

Uh-oh, It Is ManUtd

A guest post from Sensational Arsenal @Madras_Periyar Football is unfair. This season, we have been ruthless, dominating and lethal against teams (yes, yes, there have been stutters, defeats, bad days, etc.), but no team has been so utterly bossed and left chasing shadows as  ManUtd were when they visited us at the Emirates. Maybe it […]

Arsenal v the Smoggies – it is early yet

Dear Positivitas, please find below the wise and no doubt the carefully considered words of a Smoggie, Mr Stroller by name who has been a supporter of Boro since Jack Charlton was a small boy. Bill offers a spot of history, a spot of technical football analysis and – well, yes, on Valentine’s Day – […]

Three Games

Evening Positive heads and a late epistle before settling down to an evening of midweek football. How unlucky that the new TV deal was not signed that would have allowed me to watch the two masters of the long ball in action at the Britannia tonight ! I shall hide my disappointment. I presume we […]

NLD From The Eyes Of A Spurs Fan.

Following the post from anicoll5, here is one from our resident Spud, Yido6061 . Don’t forget to read Andrew’s if this is your first visit today. You spend half a season moaning about the state of football and then when you actually sit down to try and think of how we, as supporters, can change […]

Calling at the Neighbours in N17

Morning fellow Positivistas from a grey Norfolk, under three hours to go before Mr Atkinson peeps and the North London derby roars into life, and we know that this lunchtime’s game will have more roar than a dark cave of peckish polar bears don’t we ? I have attended, seen on the box, listened to […]