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About Positively Arsenal

Positively Arsenal was created in January 2013 to provide a platform for like-minded Arsenal fans to come together to enjoy their magnificent football club. We who post on PA choose to celebrate the excitement of the football played, the quality of the players, coaches and the manager, and the exhilaration that the attacking style of […]


Research on counterfactual thinking has shown that people’s emotional responses to events are influenced by their thoughts about “what might have been.” When Less Is More: Counterfactual Thinking and Satisfaction Among Olympic Medalists Victoria Husted Medvec, Scott F. Madey, Thomas Gilovich Despite my awareness that football fans, including yours truly, often react irrationally to the fortunes […]

Arsenal – jottings from the seaside

  Good morning Positivistas, I thought I would break into the interminable Summer break, a hiatus that seems to have lasted weeks now, though the calendar tells me it is less. Turning to matters AFC yesterday’s unveiling of Granit Xhaka was a bright start to the summer and the boy now has a chance to […]

Arsenal – the final sublime afternoon

  Good Morning Positivistas, What a finale to the season ! Ninety minutes that will be firmly fixed in my memory as one of the best final days I have witnessed, even weighed against seasons in which trophies have been won and records set. And memorable for all the right reasons. Of the game itself […]

Arsenal Versus Aston Villa: Mozart’s Requiem

So here we are. The goal posts are down in the local park. What used to be a pitch is now just a playing field. Bristol Rovers have won their by now customary promotion and I have one more blog to write before crossing my feet on the desk and lacing my fingers together behind […]

Arsenal: Friends and Enemies Within

So I finally made it to the Emirates nearly two weeks ago. Those of us who work for a living have to plan meticulously; identifying the appropriate home game, getting time-off, booking flights at the right prices, securing tickets. Damn, I felt like an event planner. Call it my English safari. Obviously I am testifying […]

Football – It’s A New Dawn, It’s A New Game

A few years ago it was a relatively straightforward matter to feel depressed about the state of The World’s Favourite Game. For a start, it seemed there was little that was beautiful about it any more, either on the field or off it. Imagined or otherwise, it felt as though the richest clubs were getting […]

Arsenal – Nothing rhymes with Etihad

  God morgen Positivistas, A fine Monday morning to be alive, “the Fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high” as we often say in North West Norfolk. I had the enormous good fortune to watch a recording of yesterday’s game, having managed to avoid the broadcast or any hint at the result until the […]

Arsenal Versus Man City: Winding Down

Good morning and welcome to the penultimate pre match preamble of 2015/16. I can’t believe there is only one more to go after this one. It seems like only yesterday we were all getting our knickers in a twist about beating Jose in the Charity Shield. Now you remind people of that match and it’s […]

Arsenal – Tis I’ll Be Here In Sunshine Or In Shadow

  Weeimba gilee Positivistas, A memorable game yesterday at the Ems against a Norwich side who showed great endeavour and considerable footballing talent over the full 94 minutes. Credit to both teams. Unlike those of you lucky enough to see the game on the TV I had the interesting experience of watching from a seat […]