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Do We Have To Hate Spurs To Be “Proper Arsenal”?

Last night I caused a bit of a kerfuffle on twitter when I posted this . Positively Arsenal @Blackburngeorge · No doubt in my mind that I want Spurs to beat Chelsea, and beat them well. Apparently this is unacceptable to the “Local club for local people, proper Arsenal” crew, and was interpreted to mean that […]

Are Fans Still Ignorant and Stupid ?

Its now two years since Positively Arsenal swung open its door and welcomed people into it warm and friendly community. Well. alright, we welcomed in those we agreed with and shut out those we don’t. I have no problem admitting that comments that are overtly abusive or just daft are not approved. In other words […]

If You Love Football, You Love Rosicky.

Rosicky’s shirt in the Borussia Dortmund Museum A record attendance yesterday evening at the new Brighton and Hove Albion Stadium to see them play The Arsenal play for the second time in the cup in the last few years. I guess the Brighton fans enjoyed the football last time out. Not forgetting the Arsenal support: […]

Smash And Grab

There were moments last season when I just knew the FA Cup was coming to the Emirates. I didn’t say anything at the time so I can’t prove it, but this is a football blog – an Arsenal blog in fact – and as such I don’t need to prove a damn thing. The moments […]

Give Arsene Some Credit.

A guest post from Muppet  ( @MupetGooner )   If you are not a Wenger supporter, look away now. Wasn’t it a great win on Sunday ? Superb. Simply superb. For numerous reasons. We beat the premier league champions at their own ground. We ended the 3 year barren run of away wins  against City, […]

Blue Monday ? No, It’s Red Monday.

Here we have @anicoll5 . Good morning Positivistas on the third Monday in January. Today I am told by experts is “Blue Monday”. Well for reasons  that you and I know, and saw and listened to during yesterday afternoon, rather than the babblings of cod-psychology this is not in anyway a Blue Monday but a […]

The Hating Game…….

Originally posted on GunnersoreArse:
Welcome to the GunnersoreArse blog. Being blogged 918.74 kilometers (in a straight line) from the Emirates Stadium. Today we have a guest post from Eddie.  Who are the most hated teams in the English Premier League? I would like to invite all football fans to vote for the most hated team…

Stoked About Stoke

A guest post from @anicoll5.  . I can remember few games in which we found the opposition performance so tepid and toothless, in football terms at least. I can remember few Sunday afternoons during which, from the first peep of the referees whistle the game was so tilted in our direction and the result was […]

Hull Done. Who Is Next ?

A view from the ground from @foreverheady     I enjoyed the game and thought we were properly in charge throughout. The defence looked organised and apart from a spell in the second half when we seemed happy to concede possession, we always seemed in control of the game. I was very impressed with Campbell […]

Wenger In Or Out ? Who Says What ?

So I have just spent literally 10 minutes browsing for some quotes & I came across several quotes from several people at the very very top of football from 2 of the very best players of all time to some of the managers who have achieved exceptional success. Jupp Heynckes – Feb 2013 “You have […]